RMC Acoustic Guitar AGT14-6 [tall] Pickup Saddle Set [typical for traditional Classical and Flamenco guitars]

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RMC AGT 14-6
RMC AGT 14-6
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RMC pickup system with individual sensors for each guitar string
AGT14-6 is a matched saddle set for 6-string guitars
fits nylon or steel string instruments
with fixed bridge and glued-in neck
height: 0.400 inches | 10.16 mm

Saddle set only. Preamps are a separate item.

Richard McClish, the founder of RMC Pickup Company, created the string contacting Acoustic Gold saddle system with the objective of extracting more dynamics...and therefore more acoustically natural....response from his own guitars.

By sensing the strain on each individual string, the RMC sensor itself responds linearly to force variations. Plus by separating each string individually, the RMC system produces a highly localized soundspot...with perfect string-to-string balance.

The pickup saddles in each set are carefully hand matched to within ±1/4dB of one another for output power, phase, frequency response and total harmonic distortion. 

Combined, these factors result in a unique pickup system with a strong signal, lots of dynamic headroom, exceptional balance, and significantly reduced acoustic feedback sensitivity.

The list of well-respected RMC guitar players is truly exceptional and includes:

Romero Lubambo
Paul Meyers
Earl Klugh
Jeff Linsky
Pat Metheny
Oscar Castro-Neves
Lee Ritenour
Ottmar Leibert
Paulo Bellinati
John Pizzarelli
Fareed Haque
John McLaughlin
Ken Hatfield
Al Dimeola
Leona Boyd
Allan Holdsworth
California Guitar Trio

Please note that the RMC pickup is engineered to match with the RMC Poly-Drive preamps. These preamps buffer and filter each string to optimize the individual tone color and attack. Additionally, the Poly-Drive II and IV open the world of MIDI and synths.




Manufacturer's warranty coverage is 1-year immediately following the date of purchase. REMINDER: if this is for a new installation please also order a DIN-8 jack so you can connect to the Poly-Drive II external preamp!