Testimonial voices from SOUNDISLANDMUSIC.COM customers:

"Love my amp. May be the best thing I ever bought! Keep up the good work."  Rob, Washington

"NICE AMP! Wow. Thank you for helping me sift through all the possibilities. Look forward to talking with you about settings etc to get the most from my amp. So far I have played only my archtop through it. Very clean, rich and musical."  Jeff, New Mexico

"I just got it. I think I'm the one who should say thank you. Your service was really excellent!"  Ofer, Israel

"Sorry I didn't email you sooner; I haven't been able to put down my guitar long enough to get to the computer. Everything arrived in good shape. I love it - fat, clear single notes - amazing separation with chords. It has caused to rediscover my Hofner Jazzica which I had been neglecting lately. Thanks. I'll thry to visit the shop next time I'm up in Seattle."  John, California

"Thanks very much for taking the time today to let me try out the different amp and speaker combinations. It was fun and educational. And it was nice to chat with you about guitars, amps, and music in general."  Neil, Washington

"Just had only short stretches to work with it but it's a keeper. Beautiful tone, with all 3 archtops. Will report once more in 2 weeks when I get to gig with it."  Paul, Minnesota

"The amplifier has arrived and it is really fantastic. I tried it with my L-4 and WOW...! Anyway, thank you so much and we'll talk soon."  Fabio, Italy

"...I just had a request from the accordion club where I played a week ago for more information about the system I was using...they seemed impressed. I recommended anyone interested to go through you and gave them your Web site. And if you're lucky, they won't have as many questions as I had!"  Richard, California

"Greatly exceeded my expectations!"  Daniel, Spain

"Thanks again for all your help and advice. I am thrilled...!"  Troy, Washington

"Thank you for the personal service and attention to detail."  John, California

"It was been a pleasure dealing with you. If you're ever up our way do give me a call as lunch is on me!"  Frank, Canada