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SeQuel Amplifiers: a brief re-INTRO

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WHO WE ARE at SeQuel Amplifiers

The improvisational music we call Jazz is unique and different. For guitar, it even sounds different. Enter SeQuel Amplifiers. Tube aka valve amp designs tuned for archtop guitars. Hand crafted with reference grade components carefully selected with the only tool that truly matters: by ear.

Evolution of the guitar in Jazz music closely parallels technological developments related to amplification. Charlie Christian could not have turned the world on its ears without a pickup and amp because those electronic tools provided him a voice loud enough for his guitar to get heard in the band as a soloist.

At the same time, the guitar was itself evolving. size, materials, pickups, construction methods. And in step, amplifiers followed that evolution.

The years spanning the late 1940s through the early 1960s witnessed a explosive growth in this respect while the music itself transitioned from Swing to Bop to Modal to Avant-Guarde to Fusion...elements which are still very much with us today.

We wanted to explore that world in more detail. And because of the instrinsic relationship between the archtop guitar and electronics, that path led us to circuits based primarily around tubes aka valves.

And indeed we found a certain undescribable but clearly recognizable sonic magic there.

But then too, early on in the process we acknowledged that many of the components in the original schematics were antiquated or unavailable. Time had passed. It had been nearly 80 years in some cases.

So we took a different road. We marveled at the clever minds of those pioneering electronic engineers and the guitarists who made music history with them. But we also embraced the advances in technology of today. 

And because we didn't have to answer to Corporate bean counters we carefully auditioned important components to create amplification instruments that were equal partners to the best archtop guitars.

That's what SeQuel Amplifiers are. And what you will have if you bring one of our amps into your world too.

For more information and to discuss your special musical needs in detail please contact SOUNDISLANDMUSIC.COM, our global partners for sales and support.



SeQuel Amplifiers-4 models and counting as of June 2108

UPDATE! SeQuel Amplifiers now has 4 models in the lineup: 1. The TRIBUTE. Dedicated to Jim Hall.2. The TRIBUTARY2. Homage to Grant Green, Tal Farlow, early Kenny Burrell.3. The RAVINE. Based on amps played by the Manhattan Guitar Club including Bucky Pizzarelli, Gene Bertoncini, Art Ryerson,  Barry Galbraith, Tony Motolla, Toots Thielmans, and a host of other NYC area [...]

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We are pleased to announce that SOUNDISLANDMUSIC is the first USA dealer appointed to represent the Benedetto CARINO line of archtop Jazz guitar amplifiers. It's beyond exciting and quite humbling to be part of the Benedetto family of musical instruments. As always please contact us for hands-on insights and counsel on these great amps, guitarist-to-guitarist.

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Henriksen JazzAmp & SOUNDISLAND partnership | the ALFRESCO Custom

It seems that we just can't sit still for too long around here at SOUNDISLAND before our minds start wandering toward yet another new amp project. And so it's happened yet again! Introducing the ALFRESCO Custom. Solid state. 1x12. 120w @ 8-ohms. Open back. Really compact. Low weight. Upgraded cabinet. Clear-yet-dark-and-rich sound.So what's the Alfresco all [...]

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Raezer's Edge & Acoustic Image Clarus | ONE-6 COMBO

"I can’t believe how good that amp sounded last night!!! Every note was as clear as a bell. I can’t believe how it handled the bass with that 6” speaker! It sounded better than the 10" in my [alternate brand]. WOW!!!!"It started one evening while sharing a late night Thai dinner with Randy Napoleon. Randy had [...]

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Vintage Sound JZ series Jazz Tube Amps | JOHN STOWELL MODEL

John Stowell. Unique in every respect. As Herb Ellis was credited with saying: "if anybody else could play like John Stowell, they surely would!" We like to say he has "yoga hands" with those amazing stretches to grab chord voicings the rest of us have never considered...but John makes them work so amazingly well.When John [...]

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SeQuel Amplifiers Jazz Tube Amps | The RAVINE

Enter the SeQuel RAVINE.I'll admit that I'm extremely interested in the sound of late 1950s archtop guitar recordings. In part it's the music of the time that was pushing many boundaries both artistically and socially. But then too there was something special in the sheer sound of the archtop that was clearly different than the mellow [...]

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SeQuel Amplifiers Jazz Tube Amps | The TRIBUTE

Jim Hall is often called the Father of Modern Jazz Guitar and for good reason. He was an influence on so many...including me.Besides his wonderful approach to music it's hard not to fall in love with his sound, especially earlier in his career when he played that mutt Gibson ES-175. A while ago I was [...]

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SeQuel Amplifiers Jazz Tube Amps | INTRO

Leo Fender was a hugely influential figure in amplifying electric guitar. His circuit designs, arguably perfected in the mid-1960s, became the industry standard for clean sound. And even today aspects of Leo's circuitry are found in the vast majority of tube amplifiers.But that wasn't always the case especially in the Jazz world. From the late [...]

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SOUNDISLANDMUSIC.COM. The jazz guitar amp specialists.About SOUNDISLANDMUSIC.COMIf you're searching for THAT Jazz guitar amp, acoustic guitar amp or acoustic double bass amp to complement your special instrument, you've come to the right web stop: SOUNDISLANDMUSIC.COM.Here we play the products we offer so we can help guide your selection...whether you're across town in our home City of [...]

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