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Preamps | DI


  • AER Colourizer
    AER colourizer-2
    $579.00 $499.00
    The AER COLOURIZER-2 is a one channel preamp and DI for mics or instruments [line signals] Insert it into the signal chain between source and next point in the audio path (e.g. amplifier or mixing desk)to produce sound...
    AER dual mix-2
    $749.00 $679.00
    The AER DUAL MIX is a 2-channel preamp/DI box for instrument, mic or line signals Simple, efficient features just like a small mixing console. Functions as a stage preamp, headphone preamp, or as a solution for a channel...
  • RMC Poly-Drive II Outboard Preamp
control box, DIN cable, DIN jack
    RMC Poly-Drive II Preamp
    outboard preamp for 6-7-8 string guitars[bass version available as custom order]analog and MIDI capableDIN-8S instrument connector6 ft. multi-conductor cable1/4" mono and DIN-13 output jacksRMC Poly-Drive II Preamp. The...
  • RMC PD401-17 Onboard preamp for Godin MultiAc
as of 2017
    RMC PD401 Preamp for Godin MultiAc
    RMC direct replacement Pre-Amp for Godin MultiAc acoustic guitars, acoustic bass guitars, and mandolin. Preamp only. The PD401-17 preamp modules for Godin are different than the P-D IV model for traditional stringed...
  • RMC BMT 222 Onboard Mono Preamp 
with 3-band EQ 
for Acoustic Guitar
    RMC BMT 222G-13 Preamp
    RMC BMT 222G-13 mono output audio only onboard preamp kit. For 5-string, 6-string, and 7-string acoustic guitar sensor sets plus acoustic mandolin.  Mono Preamp with Volume and 3-band EQ rotary controls. Kit...
  • RMC BMT 220G
preamp controls
    RMC BMT 220 G Preamp
    The RMC 220G-13 mono output audio only onboard preamp is designed for custom permanent installation on the side of a guitar.  It is specifically tuned to produce a natural sound from the RMC AGT and AGS pickup...
  • RMC BMT-220M-13
preamp for mandolin
[fits Godin A-8 mandolin]
    RMC BMT-220M-13 Preamp for mandolin
    The RMC BMT-220M-13 mono output audio only onboard preamp is designed for custom permanent installation on the side of a mandolin. It features 4 sliding-style control surfaces for Volume plus Bass|Mids|Treble EQ. It...
  • Acoustic Image FLEX Pre
front closeup
    Acoustic Image FLEX PRE 670 PR
    $749.00 $629.00
    Full featured remote preamp for all instruments ....mounts magnetically on FLEX cab....or mic stand with adapter [included]....or music stand with bracket [optional]2 identical channels each with two inputs...

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