Poly-Drive X preamps for the Godin LGX series

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RMC Poly-Drive X preamps for the Godin LGX series guitars with synth access

Polyphonic Active Electronics  for Electric Guitar upgrade kit for Godin LGX-SA, LGXT and xtSA models.

Please Select which model Godin you are upgrading. 
The LGX-SA kit will include a set of PBGS14-6 saddles and a PDX-02E preamp.
The LGXT and xtSA kits will include a set of AGSS14-6N saddles and a PDX-02E preamp.

Since 2020, LR Baggs has been making knockoffs of RMC pickup saddles and Godin is deceiving people by telling them that RMC authorized this and trying to convince them that the knockoffs are an improved version of the real thing.  The truth is, there is no comparison.  As a retailer for RMC, we have seen many customer complaints about recent Godin purchases and tracking is not what they expected on their synth guitar and are surprised to learn it isn't actually RMC equipment.  This upgrade is the real deal!