Information on Sound Island and its owner Michael Biller, jazz guitar amp specialist


If you're searching for THAT Jazz guitar amp, acoustic guitar amp or acoustic double bass amp to complement your special instrument, you/ve come to the right web stop: SOUNDISLANDMUSIC.COM.

Here we actually play the products we offer so we can help guide your selection...whether you're across town in our home City of Seattle or on the other side of the planet.

SOUNDISLANDMUSIC.COM's guitarist-proprietor is Michael Biller.

Michael began his musical training at an early age while growing up in Latin America, eventually moving to the USA and playing in his Midwest area College Symphony Orchestra and Jazz Ensemble.

After a long bout pursuing an MBA trek in the business world but growing increasingly involved as a Seattle WA area 7-string Jazz guitarist, ideologue and community organizer of music events, Michael opened SOUNDISLAND... a new type of store specializing in Jazz guitar amp and sound reinforcement for the acoustic musician.

SOUNDISLAND brings many exceptional acoustic music amplification products under one roof. These span the gamut from a Jazz guitar amp or acoustic bass amp, to accessories for Jazz and acoustic guitars, to strings, tuners, picks, or educational books.

The community of Jazz, Classical, Latin and Folk players can now audition world class amplifiers with their own instrument in a quiet, comfortable setting assisted by a fellow musician with ears for the genre. For those who live far from the Seattle area, SOUNDISLAND is only an email or telephone call away with the same friendly and caring service.

When not helping SOUNDISLAND's customers choose their Jazz guitar amp or acoustic bass amp... or jamming with them...Michael is usually either playing his 7-string guitar or volunteering on a special project for the SJGS (Seattle Jazz Guitar Society), a local 501c3 non-profit corporation dedicated to the advancement of guitar Jazz in all its forms. 

If you have any questions about a Jazz guitar amp, an acoustic guitar ampacoustic double bass amp or speaker model, contact Michael Biller for knowledgeable, hands-on product and application information at 206.293.9488 Pacific Time or via email at [email protected].