Redeemer Buffer Jazz-Pack Custom

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Why do you need a buffer? 

Because passive potentiometers [controls] and guitar cables [cords] reduce the natural high frequency content produced by your guitar's pickups making your sound muddier than it should. Notice how rolling back [lowering] your guitar's volume knob also causes your tone to go darker. We can attest that a good low capacitance guitar cable is a significant help but it doesn't completely solve the problem. A buffer changes this paradigm. 

How? It has to do with impedance and capacitance and ground and all that stuff. But geeky-mumbo-jumbo aside, it comes to this in real life: adding the Redeemer buffer as your guitar's final output circuit makes your instrument bullet-proof to tone loss. Hear the transparency your guitar and pickups produce. Use your volume control and just modulate volume without it affecting tone. So you can focus on the music.

We're "a little" obsessed here at SOUNDISLANDMUSIC so after evaluating their standard products, we asked Creation Labs to build a custom Redemer model for SOUNDISLANDMUSIC.COM with several unique features. Because like you we're archtop and acoustic instrument players, our device is an outboard unit. It has a handy clip to fit your belt, or guitar strap, or with a detachable lead can rest nearby on the floor.  It's simple to use: doesn't even require a power switch; just attaching or detaching an instrument cable automatically does the job. Thumb screws make  changing the 9v battery very convenient and there's no need of a screwdriver. 

You've invested in a nice guitar, hopefully a great amp [!], fussed with pickups, strings, picks, and cable ... now complete the equation and get this little buffer box: it's called a Redeemer for a good reason!

  • Opens the full voice of your pickups to reach the amp or mixing board.
  • Transparent, flat frequency from 10Hz to 50kHz won't color your tone.

  • Crystal clear, flat phase response improves signal definition and image.

  • Super high input-Z so you can rollback your volume without tone loss.

  • Low output-Z can drive hundreds of feet of cable. 

  • To plug directly into any mixer line input without using a DI box.

  • Extremely low distortion (appx. 0.0005% THD+N).

  • Extremely low noise (less than -125dBu).

  • 3.6V to 24VDC for extra headroom.
  • Long battery life, typically 300+ hours with an alkaline battery (less than 3mA draw).

  • Dead battery mode allows enough signal so you can keep the show going.

  • Thumb screws allow easlily changing battery with your hands - no tools required.

  • Easy to use - just plug in!