Armstrong sidemount singlecoil 6-pole [narrow]

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KA 28mm side singlecoil 6-pole
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A modern interpretation combining the DeArmond sound with a P90 on steroids.

Floating style Singlecoil
pickguard mount
for 6-string Jazz guitar
Ebonized epoxy cover
50mm E-to-e string spacing
Height: 6.5cm
Width: 2.8cm
Depth: 1.1cm

The Kent Armstrong "floating" side-mount style single-coil pickup. The standard for Jazz guitar. 6- pole pieces for precise string-to-string balance. And for a single-coil it's very quiet with complete shielding.

There is more beneath the surface. Kent Armstrong makes these pickups with 30% more windings while forgoing the traditional bobbins of the original "G" Corp's JS design. These factors help give Kent Armstrong's pickups more power, greater string definition and overall presence...all major components of that elusive "Jazz tone."

The result is a slender single-coil suspended pickup that produces the unique broad-spectrum sound of a vintage single-coil design. Without nearly all the hassles. And with a tap, you can switch between a vintage DeArmond style sound and a P90. 

For attachment to pick guard. Includes shielded cable.