Armstrong sidemount 14-pole [wide version]

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KA side 14-pole [wide]
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Floating style Humbucker
pickguard mount
for 7-string Jazz guitar
Ebonized epoxy cover
57mm A-to-e string spacing
[60mm spacing optional]
Height: 7.5cm
Width: 3.3cm
Depth: 1.1cm
The Kent Armstrong Johnny Smith style humbucker pickup. The standard for Jazz guitar.

For 7-string guitar, 14 individually adjustable pole pieces make this a very versatile pick-up, giving better magnetic balance between the two coils, more power and complete shielding.

This is a side-mount model for attachment to pick guard. Includes shielded cable.

Standard string spacing is 57mm. Alternate option is 60mm. Please specify if alternate.

Depth: 12mm

NOTE: 2-wiring lugs is standard. 4-lug wiring is available as a custom-build option.