Raezer's Edge BASS 12 VINTAGE

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speaker cabinet
1x12" configuration
for all Bass instruments
35 Lbs.
The Raezer's Edge Bass 12 is a great solution for bassists who need a speaker cabinet that will double on both upright acoustic Double Bass and electric Bass guitar.

In terms of tone characteristics, the Raezer's Edge Bass 12 speaker cabinet is very natural providing a full representation of the instrument. There is an ease in the way this model "speaks" Bass.

Highly adaptable to variety of situations, the Raezer Bass 12 cabinet will easily anchor the needs of bassists across a broad range of musical ensembles and instruments including standard bass tuning in 4ths, orchestral 5ths (C-G-D-A)and the low-B of 5-string electric basses.

Speaker Driver:
...One 12" Eminence Delta Pro-12A
...400 watts RMS @ 8-ohms
...magnet 80 oz/2.27 kilogram ferrite
...voice coil 2.5 inch/63.5mm
...sensitivity 99.2
...cast aluminum basket construction
Frequency Range: 51 Hz to 4.5 kHz
Size: 17" w x 18.5" h x 11.75" d
Weight: approximately 35 Lbs.