Raezer's Edge Stealth 12 ER VINTAGE CABINET

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RE 112ER
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The Raezer's Edge VINTAGE Stealth 12 ER model. When you need a single compact "does everything ... really well" speaker cabinet.

Raezer's Edge Stealth 12 ER in its redesigned form with a separate tweeter has all the attributes of the standard Stealth 12 ... but with the option of extending its upper frequency response to 20kHz.

At the twist of a knob located on the back panel of the cabinet, the Stealth 12ER provides that additional upper end "audio sparkle" required for vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitars and synthesizers. The adjustable tweeter volume control allows you to add just the right amount of sparkle to the mix...or not.

This cabinet is truly all you need for most any Jazz playing situation. The additional cubic volume of the S12 cabinet and air movement capability of the 1x12 speaker provide more clarity across the entire frequency spectrum and deliver at greater SPLs. In this sense, the Raezer 12-ER simply transmits what the amp head puts out.

Comes with a padded cover.

configuration: 1x12'' speaker plus tweeter
main driver: Eminence 12
tweeter: Eminence APT 50 with 9dBadjustment
crossover: 3.5kHz
rating: @ 8 ohms
power: 400 watts RMS
weight: 34 lbs.
size: 17''w x 18.5''h x 11.75''d
range: 50 Hz to 20k Hz

NOTE: please inquire about various special SOUNDISLANDMUSIC.COM options for this model including the "Gisle special" built for Norwegian Jazz guitarist and friend of, Gisle Torvik. Watch/listen to Gisle's video playing a solo version of his original composition "Tranquil Fjord" recorded playing a VINTAGE Stealth ER speaker cabinet and Acoustic Image CLARUS head amplifier. 


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