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speaker cabinet: extended range series

Speaker: One 8" @ 8 ohms plus adjustable tweeter with volume control
Rating: 225 watts
Weight: ~20 lbs
Size: 12" W x 15" H x 9" D
Frequency range: 55Hz to 5kHz

The Raezer's Edge NY8-ER is an extended frequency range version of the NY8. Featuring the same single 8 driver, the ER version adds a compression tweeter with a variable volume control located at the rear of the cabinet.

The result is an extremely compact and light weight workhorse speaker cabinet that can be easily "tuned" to meet the needs of a specific instrument or working situation. It is an ideal solution for guitarists that require both acoustic and electric sounds, or those who both sing and play.

By itself the Raezer's Edge NY8-ER is surprisingly big and accurate in tone, and will easily hold it's own in a combo playing situation. It is an excellent choice for classical aka Nylon-string guitarists, Gypsy stylists, flat-top players, and archtop Jazzers who need that acoustic component in their amplified sound.

Additionally, the NY8-ER makes for a great portable accessory cabinet to use in conjunction with a Stealth 10, Stealth 12, or Twin-8. In this application, the NY8-ER provides an excellent way to expand the sonic footprint of an exisiting amplifier.

The Raezer's Edge NY8-ER was the cabinet of choice for the great John Pisano. Hear him playing the NY8-ER on George Voland's CD "Remember Beauty" recorded in Seattle and produced by SOUNDISLANDMUSIC's very own Michael Biller.