Raezer's Edge Electric BASS REBL 12 BR

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The new RAEZER REBL 12 BR speaker cabinet. Designed for Bassists who play ELECTRIC or double on ACOUSTIC and ELECTRIC or simply prefer a deep solid foundation and feel to their sound...yet need a compact portable solution. 

RAEZER introduces the REBL series of BASS speaker cabinets. Currently available in 1x12 or 2x10 formats. The 1x12 model weighs in at a comfortable 27 pounds yet is built to take punishment for touring with built-in handles and tough corner protectors.

Our BR version is loaded with a double cone speaker that adds clarity and definition throughout the bass range yet doesn't require a separate tweeter and crossover network. The benefit is that the REBL 12 BR avoids that harshness in the high frequencies we often hear with tweeter designs and reproduces your bass with a full yet smooth sound. Like to slap with round wounds or hark to the classic Motown flats? The REBL 12 FR is your cabinet!

Size:   17"h x 19"w 15"d

Weight: about 27 pounds