RMC Poly-Drive IV PD403-12A

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PD403-12A for acoustic guitar
Estimated August 2018. Please inquire for updated information.
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onboard preamp for 6-7-8 string guitars
analog and MIDI capable
1/4" mono and DIN-13 output jacks
includes cover plate, jack plate and battery box

RMC Poly-Drive IV Preamp. The matching onboard preamp for the RMC pickup system with individual sensors for each guitar string. This newest version is a complete assembly including preamp, cover plate, 1/4-inch jack, small 13-pin MIDI connector, battery box, and ribbon cable.

NOTE: PLEASE SPECIFY YOUR INSTRUMENT WITH ORDER [guitar, bass, mandolin, etc.]. RMC preamps are "tuned" for the specific frequency response of various instrument types. We cannot ship without this information. Thank you in advance! 

The RMC string sensors [pickup] system is engineered to match with the RMC Poly-Drive preamps. These preamps buffer and filter each string to optimize the individual tone color and attack.

Additionally they open the world of MIDI and synths.

For analog applications, the Poly-Drive preamp helps the RMC individual saddle system by further eliminating spurious noises caused in the body cavity and neck of a guitar. Through an elegant system of electronic buffers and filters that match up with the individual RMC string sensors, the Poly-Drive preamps isolate the sound of each string flexing against the top of the guitar and optimizes its tone color. In other words, Pure Sound.

For polyphonic applications in MIDI or synths, the RMC Poly-Drive also have DIN-13 output with 6 separate string signals for driving Roland and other electronica. The optimized waveforms result in excellent tracking performance.

Together, the individual RMC sensors and the Poly-Drive preamps provide for an exceptional way to amplify your acoustic guitar. Please contact SOUND ISLAND Music for additional information and personal perspectives.

warranty: manufacturer's coverage is 1-year immediately following the date of purchase.

weight: 0.50 lbs approx.
outputs: 1/4" mono and DIN-13
...mounted on jack plate [included]
instrument volume
EQ: 3-band
Mid selector switch
DMX feedback elimination circuitry
synth volume
synth mode selector SW1 & SW2
internal 9V battery or phantom
...power from synth [7 VDC]
studio quality 90 dB S/N typical

A little name dropping. The list of well-respected RMC guitar players is truly exceptional and includes:

Romero Lubambo
Paul Meyers
Earl Klugh
Jeff Linsky
Pat Metheny
Oscar Castro-Neves
Lee Ritenour
Ottmar Leibert
Paulo Bellinati
John Pizzarelli
Fareed Haque
John McLaughlin
Ken Hatfield
Al Dimeola
Leona Boyd
Allan Holdsworth
California Guitar Trio


two years from date of purchase