RMC PBSTS14-6 Pow'r Bridge Saddle Set for STRAT® and TELE® Bridges [6-string]

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The RMC PBSTS14-6 - Pow'r Bridge "ST" - sensor saddle set for Strat® and Tele® style bridges. 6 sensor saddles with 14-inch leads. Individual saddle sensors only. Bridge is NOT supplied. 

Designed specifically as retrofit for 6-string electric guitars with Strat and Tele style bridges. Provides the utmost in acoustic response, high SPL capabilities, and string-to-string balance with these types of electric instruments.

The main purpose of separate string signals is to provide the most detailed amplitude and tonal balance possible in sound-reinforcement applications. For those who are interested in MIDI, all the polyphonic MIDI applications are also available and offer exceptional tracking.

  • Retro-fit saddle sensors for strat/tele and similar type guitars
  • Individual string sensors maximizes note definition with minimum crosstalk between strings
  • Individually adjustable height and intonation
  • Matched transducer sets for even string sound
  • Excellent synth tracking and dynamic response
  • Nicest, warmest pickup sound around
  • Very low feedback susceptibility
  • Studio quality performance 90dB S/N typical
  • Easy to install - Complete instructions and connection diagrams included

RMC pickup saddles should be preamplified individually in order to provide the premium sound you expect from an RMC system. They are compatible with most preamps though an RMC PolyDrive II outboard preamp or PolyDrive IV internal system provide application designed solutions and ensure best performance.

If you're using an onboard preamp the leads are soldered to the preamp. If you're using a remote preamp, a multi-pin DIN connector is used to connect each pickup saddle to the corresponding string channel in the preamp via a multi-conductor cable.


NOTE2: These saddle sets are meant for complete retrofits and new installations. They are NOT the same individual bridge-pieces that Godin uses and won't match Godin's original screws since RMC's threads are #4-40 imperial units, while Godin's are metric.

NOTE3: RMC provides height-adjustment screws as well as the intonation-adjustment screws with the pickup saddle set, so the retro-fit process is quite straightforward.


Manufacturer's warranty coverage is 1-year immediately following the date of purchase.