RMC AG2S11-1 Single Saddle REPLACEMENT for mandolin 1998 or newer

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Special order typically fulfilled within a few days. Individual sensors are electronically matched by color code to ensure balanced performance from the complete set. PLEASE INDICATE IF ONE OR TWO BANDS OF THE COLOR CODE!
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RMC AG2S REPLACEMENT SINGLE SADDLE with two strings per course typically for mandolin [1998 or newer]. AGS saddles are 5.46mm [0.215-inch] high.

RMC pickup saddles are individually measured to within ±1/4dB of one another for output power, phase, frequency response and total harmonic distortion.  The saddles are then grouped into different categories and identified by one or two color bands on the pickup leads about one inch away from each saddle.

When purchased as a complete set, this careful process ensures optimal balance and string-to-string response of the amplified instrument.

Replacement of a single saddle is possible but requires attention to color codes and age for best performance:


If replacing only a single saddle, the installer or repair technician should always use saddles with the same color code as the original set because this ensures as close to original performance as possible. This code [color bands] is painted on each pickup cable about an inch away from each saddle. Please indicate 1. the number of bands and 2. their color with your order. The current color codes are: 

  • Black/Orange
  • Black/Red
  • Black/Brown
  • Black/Black
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Red/Red
  • Orange
  • Orange/Orange
  • Yellow
  • Yellow/Yellow
  • Green


If the RMC pickup system in your instrument is more than 5-years old, the remaining saddles in the instrument may not match exactly with the new replacement saddle(s) although the color code is the same. This is because the older saddles have been exposed to more temperature & humidity changes, string changes and general wear and tear.  

For this reason, in older instruments, it's best to order a complete set so all saddles are properly matched and the performance of the pickup is e fully restored as in a new instrument. 

Please note that in 1998 RMC revised the top string support design making the part slightly taller. If your guitar has RMC sensors older than 1998, the entire vintage set should be replaced to ensure correct matched performance. In the event that you have a vintage instrument with the older design, please contact us for more detailed technical information and pricing.



Manufacturer's warranty coverage is 1-year immediately following the date of purchase.