Luna 200R 1x12 Open Back Combo

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One of a kind 1x12 combo by Raezers Edge.  Powered by their Luna 200R amplifier head built into this beautiful Alligator skin open back combo cabinet.
Loaded with a Warehouse G12CS speaker 75 watts @ 8 ohms. 
The unit weighs just 24 lbs.
Comes with a padded cover.

The Luna 200 has been developed to be completely unique compared to similar amps. The proof is in the tone and there’s no doubt when you hear it. The Luna 200-R is the perfect amp for any stringed instrument and comes with an onboard reverb effect with 2 parameter adjustments.

When most people think of reverb, it’s the springy 60’s surf type found in most amplifiers of the era, and it is a unique, useable sound. Real reverb however is a little different. The Luna 200R starts with a lush organic sounding reverb, but in a live setting reverb is not an instant sound. Think of it this way… if you are in a large room and you clap your hands. First, you will hear the clap, and then a delay as the sound travels to bounce off reflecting surfaces. It then returns from a number of sources. The distance control allows the player to set how far those sounds are coming from. This allows a much more natural sounding reverb.

Input Jack:  The Luna amps feature one ¼” input. Impedance is 1mg Ω buffered. Allowing for different gains and impedances to be used without changing the character of the sound.

Volume Control:  The volume control is post EQ. Allows for setting the EQ of the sound and tone without having the gain through the EQ change it’s function.

EQ:  Active treble and bass controls +/- 12 db cut or boost, unity at 12o’clock position.

Midrange Notch:  The midrange notch controls the frequency of the midrange cut. It is variable between 200 Hz and 5 kHz, covering the frequencies between the Treble and Bass controls. The mid control sets the depth of the notch, and at zero takes the midrange out of the circuit. (Unity)

Line Out:  The Line Out / DI is pre volume control. Low impedance with a ground lift. It is pre volume control to allow the front of house or player to set a volume level without allow the master volume to affect the level going out of the amp.

Output Section:  Output power 1kHz, 1% distortion, 210 Watts @ 8 ohms.

Minimum impedance 3 ohms.

Universal mains power 100 – 240 vac 50 / 60 Hz.

Short circuit, over current and thermal protection.

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