Barbera Soloist Pickup for Steel String Guitar

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Usually about a 1-2 week lead time depending on their order volume. Due to the several options we don't know if we'll have stock on hand. Thank you for understanding.
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Barbera SOLOIST pickup for Steel-String Guitars. When you want a natural sound from your Steel String but need to amplify your guitar, the Barbera Soloist delivers.

A passive system with high output, the Barbera SOLOIST can plug into most any amplifier [1-MegOhm input impedance or greater]. When using a PA or recording to a mixing desk, a high quality preamp is recommended for best sonic performance.

We keep Medium and standard string spacing in stock.  These will fit most common steel string acoustics like Taylors, Martins, etc..

Please note that there are 3 steel string sizes  
Stock steel string 6 string saddle heights are:

             Low E         Hi E

Low -     .250"            .190"

Med -     .312"           .250"

Tall-       .350"            .310"

There are two general string spacing formats;

 Standard - 2.125" E to E  ( good up to up to apx. 2.225") 

 Wide  - 2.250 E to E  (good up to apx 2.375"). 

Standard radius is 16" (12" also available)

The steel string saddle lengths are - 2.7" /standard format, and 2.862"  /wide format.


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