Barbera Soloist Pickup for Classical Guitar

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Barbera SOLOIST pickup for Classical Nylon-String Guitars. When you want a natural sound from your Classical Nylon-String or Violao but need to amplify your guitar, the Barbera Soloist delivers.

A passive system with high output, the Barbera SOLOIST can plug into most any amplifier [1-MegOhm input impedance or greater]. When using a PA or recording to a mixing desk, a high quality preamp is recommended for best sonic performance.

Please note that there are two "nylon-string" models: the Soloist CLASSICAL with a 30" bridge radius and the FLAMENCO version with a completely flat no-radius bridge. 6-string Saddle lengths for both are 71.88mm.

An optional endpin jack is available at a nominal charge. Please select the appropriate option for your needs.

 6 string nylon saddle lengths are 2.83" - 71.88 mm

Please note, due to the various customizable size options, returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee.  Please select sizes carefully.


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    The Best

    Posted by Amir Razmjou on 12th Feb 2024

    The fact that this pickup is very feedback resistance opens-up new possibilities for you in terms of the sound. You can increase the gain more. I play through my hi-gain amp.
    The sound is very natural but do not expect microphone sound and it sounds good even without a preamp right into my Fishman Artist series amp.

    he Barbera Solist bridge pickup stands out for its remarkable resistance to feedback, unlocking new sonic possibilities for guitarists. This attribute allows for the amplification of gain without compromising sound quality, a feature I've extensively tested through my high-gain amplifier. The resulting sound is impressively natural. While it doesn't mimic a microphone's capture, it maintains a rich and authentic tone that is notably impressive, even without the support of a preamp, directly through my Fishman Artist series amp.

    Acoustically, the pickup presents a superior sound quality compared to traditional Bone or Urea bridges. In my experience, it has enhanced the sound of my Yamaha GC11 guitar, providing a noticeable improvement in acoustic tone.

    I am thoroughly satisfied with my purchase. The Barbera Solist bridge pickup has proven to be a valuable addition to my musical arsenal, justifying every penny spent. Its ability to elevate the guitar's sound, combined with its feedback resistance and natural tonal qualities, makes it a highly recommended choice for serious guitarists.
    Very happy with the purchase and it worth every penny.

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    Posted by Dan on 16th May 2022

    By far the best pickup available for nylon string guitars. Prior to the Barbera, my gold standard had been the Baggs LB 6n. The Barbera shares some of the same challenges for installation, in that there is no easy way to adjust the action. I recommend ordering a shorter saddle and using a high-quality shim. I installed one in a solid-body Epiphone Chet Atkins and it sounds fantastic. The second one is installed in a Cordoba GK Studio, with equally amazing results. Great string balance, no quack. A rich, warm sound. A little pricey, but worth the investment.

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    Barbara Soloist Classical Nylon Pickup

    Posted by Kevin Poledna on 28th Dec 2021

    First, let me begin by saying that I am not a professional player. It's always been more of a hobby just playing the same songs over and over on my couch. But when I say this pickup is remarkable in every way, you have to believe me. Rather than the usual piezo "strip" this all-inclusive saddle has 6 different piezos - truly one for each string - and the sound from that alone is completely different. Each string you play, each note you play, has its own distinct sound. And each string you play, each note you play, is perfectly balanced. No need for fine tuning an amplifier, everything is already perfectly balanced and ready to go! Truly a work of art that makes my classical guitar sing! Because this is a hand build pickup, you can special order widths and heights appropriate for your specific guitar. This is actually the ONLY problem I found. When in doubt, order the shorter pickup and use a spacer to raise the string height if necessary. If you order the taller size, you will have to router the saddle slot lower (which I didn't want to do) or order a second pickup (which I did). This is an excellent pickup, providing an amazing tone not only in volume and balance, but warmth and clarity.

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    Barbera Solist Pickup

    Posted by Peter Krone on 13th Apr 2019

    Der Pickup ist eine Offenbahrung.Ausgewogener Klang,keine lästigen Geräusche.
    Klare Kaufempfehlung.