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  • All Blues for Jazz Guitar
    All Blues for Jazz Guitar
    by Jim FergusonCD|book setDestined to become a classic, this book is the natural result of not only years of playing jazz guitar but also of Jim Ferguson's long associations with many innovative jazz guitarists. This...
  • All Blues Soloing Jazz Guitar
    All Blues Soloing Jazz Guitar
    by Jim FergusonCD|book setThe most complete guide to jazz/blues soloing ever written! This comprehensive book details the sounds, elements, and approaches that make the blues such an integral part of the jazz vocabulary...
  • Anthology Jazz Guitar Solos v2
    Anthology Jazz Guitar Solos v2
    by various artistsCD|book setMel Bay's Master Anthology of Jazz Guitar Solos Volume Two presents 11 challenging tunes, improvised solos and solo guitar arrangements designed to enhance the repertoire of the intermediate to...
  • Anthology Jazz Guitar Solos v3
    Anthology Jazz Guitar Solos v3
    by various artistsCD|book setMel Bay's Master Anthology of Jazz Guitar Solos Volume Three presents nine challenging tunes and improvised solos by some of today?s top jazz guitar players for the intermediate to advanced jazz...
  • Anthology Jazz Guitar Solos v4
    Anthology Jazz Guitar Solos v4
    by various artistsCD|book setLearn the music of today's jazz guitar greats. Beautifully presented here is the music of some of today's most influential jazz guitarists, all offered in standard notation and TAB. These solos...
  • Arpegio Studies Jazz Standards
    Arpegio Studies Jazz Standards
    by Mimi FoxCD | book setAn in-depth approach by Mimi Fox to mastering arpeggios for guitarists, beginning with simple arpeggio studies, this book progresses through simple concepts and tunes then proceeds to tackle some of...
  • Art of Solo Jazz Guitar
    Art of Solo Jazz Guitar
    by Gene BertonciniDVDEnjoy an informal Master Class with renowned acoustic jazz guitarist Gene Bertoncini as he guides a small group of students through his unique approach to the instrument. Bertoncini covers his...
  • Barry Galbraith Solos volume 1
    Barry Galbraith Solos volume 1
    as played by Barry GalbraithCD|book setBarry Galbraith was one of the best jazz guitarists of the 1950's. He was also a fine music reader who would write out his own arrangements of standards for his students. Both his...
  • Barry Galbraith Solos volume 2
    Barry Galbraith Solos volume 2
    as played by Barry GalbraithCD|book setThis is the second volume of thirteen standards arranged for solo guitar by Barry Galbraith. Facilitating the learning experience, all chord symbols, left-hand fingering, and tablature...
  • Bass Line Basics for Guitar
    Bass Line Basics for Guitar
    by Charles ChapmanCD | book setBass Line Basics introduces guitarists to the art of adding bass lines to their chord/rhythm playing. Adding bass lines to the average chord progression gives a sense of direction and motion...
  • Best of Boss Guitar
    Best of Boss Guitar
    as played by Wes MontgomeryIn his brief career, Wes Montgomery completely revolutionized jazz guitar. On the Riverside recording Boss Guitar Wes demonstrates why he is still considered as one of the finest artists of the...
  • Bossa Nova and Samba for Guitar
    Bossa Nova and Samba for Guitar
    by Mike ChristiansenCD|book setThis book contains the elements necessary to learn to play authentic bossa nova and samba accompaniment patterns. The material is presented in a sequential easy-to-follow format. As well as...
  • Brazilian Jazz Guitar
    Brazilian Jazz Guitar
    by Mike ChristiansenCD|book setBrazilian Jazz Guitar arranged by Mike Christiansen and John Zaradin. This Book and CD set contains a collection of beginning to intermediate arrangements for Brazilian Guitar. All tunes...
  • Coltrane Changes
    Coltrane Changes
    by Corey ChristiansenCD | book setJohn Coltrane's recording "Giant Steps" introduced a system of chord progressions and chord substitutions that has challenged even the best jazz musicians. The tri-tonic systems (sometimes...
  • Comping Concepts for Guitar
    Comping Concepts for Guitar
    by Mark BoligCD|book setPianists are the main sources of inspiration for new developments in jazz guitar comping. Yet guitarists have been slow to develop a comping vocabulary with harmonic sophistication, subtle...
  • Comping the Freddie Green Style
    Comping the Freddie Green Style
    by Corey ChristiansenDVD | book setEvery jazz guitarist needs to be familiar with the accompaniment style of Freddie Green. Freddie Green was the guitarist for the Count Basie orchestra for decades and his sound and comping...
  • Fingerstyle Jazz
    Fingerstyle Jazz
    by John KnowlesCD | book setThe late Lenny Breau was admired throughout the world for his complex fingerstyle jazz stylings. The first part of this text/CD contains Lenny's guitar workshop dealing with Building the Blues;...
  • Guitar Style of Wes Montgomery
    Guitar Style of Wes Montgomery
    by Adrian IngramDVDAdrian Ingram's detailed examination of Wes Montgomery's unique style is a tour-de-force in the art of jazz guitar. Besides covering the more overt aspects of Montgomery's style, such as thumb and octave...
  • Inside Outside
    Inside Outside
    by Vic JurisCD|book setVic played the solos in this collection with the student in mind. Each piece is based on the changes of popular jazz standards and will serve as great etudes for learning advanced jazz soloing...
  • Intro to Polyrythms
    Intro to Polyrythms
    by Ari Hoenig and Johannes WeidenmuellerDVD | book setOne of the best methods for learning advanced rhythm, polyrhythm, and metric/harmonic superimposition. Looks at rhythm through a magnifying glass and enables the student...
  • Jazz Ear Training
    Jazz Ear Training
    by Steve MasakowskiCD|book setJazz Ear Training: Learning to Hear Your Way Through Music, focuses the student on developing the ability to hear and react to harmonic structures common to the modern Jazz idiom, while adhering...
  • Jazz Intros and Endings
    Jazz Intros and Endings
    by Ron EscheteCD|book setJazz Intros and Endings by Ron Eschete offers 60 intros and endings for songs in many keys and styles. Ron Eschete is a well known and admired guitar player having played with Ray Brown, Gene...
  • Jimmy Wyble Solo Collection
    Jimmy Wyble Solo Collection
    by Jimmy WybleCD|book setThis collection presents the genius of Jimmy Wyble's solo guitar compositions. Presented in standard notation and tab, each written piece with an accompanying CD track represents the guitar mastery...
  • Joe Diorio Solo Guitar Concepts
    Joe Diorio Solo Guitar Concepts
    by Joe DiorioDVDThis is a must have DVD for any jazz guitarist. In this DVD guitar master Joe Diorio shares his thoughts and techniques on solo jazz guitar playing. Concepts covering the most crucial elements of solo...
  • Joe Pass Guitar Chords
    Joe Pass Guitar Chords
    by Joe PassbookOne of the finest books available on jazz guitar chords. Joe Pass covers all the bases with two sections on chord forms and chord passages. Chords are divided into six categories each showing substitutions...
  • Johnny Smith Approach to Guitar
    Johnny Smith Approach to Guitar
    by Johnny SmithJazz virtuoso Johnny Smith presents his complete system of chord analysis, scale and arpeggio study, and practical theory application. This is one of the most useful books to be found in any jazz guitarist's...
  • Make The Tune Your Best Friend
    Make The Tune Your Best Friend
    by Mordy FerberDVD"Make the Tune Your Best Friend" is a fresh musical approach to Jazz improvisation. It raises the level of awareness and provides tools to speak this unique language whether soloing or comping. Mordy...
  • Mark Elf Interpretations v1
    Mark Elf Interpretations v1
    by Mark Elforiginal etudes based on StellabookJazz Interpretations is a set of five choruses based on the chord changes for "Stella." They will provide the intermediate student a guide and sound linear approach to playing...
  • Martin Taylor Guitar Method
    Martin Taylor Guitar Method
    by Martin TaylorCD|book setThe Martin Taylor Guitar Method offers you the chance to study with one of the giants of jazz guitar. Hailed by guitar legend Chet Atkins as "One of the greatest and most impressive guitarists in...
  • Modern Blues
    Modern Blues
    by Bruce SaundersCD|book setModern Blues is for intermediate to advanced players wishing to expand their melodic and harmonic vocabulary. The music is in standard notation as well as tablature and a CD is included in which...
  • Modern Chords
    Modern Chords
    by Vic JurisCD|book setOne of the world?s great jazz guitarists, Vic Juris shares his insight into the wonderful world of harmony in this book. Vic teaches polychords and intervallic structures derived from the major,...
  • Payin' Your Dues with The Blues
    Payin' Your Dues with The Blues
    by Jay UmbleCD | book setThis book stands alone as the most comprehensive teaching method for the jazz/blues guitarist. It provides everything one needs to know to successfully master the jazz/blues style covering topics...
  • Quartal Harmony for Guitar
    Quartal Harmony for Guitar
    by Tom FloydCD | book setThis book contains a study and breakdown of "harmony in 4ths". The introduction of quartal harmony in modern jazz began in the 1960's. Compositions by Miles Davis and John Coltrane such as...
  • Six Essential Fingerings
    Six Essential Fingerings
    by Jimmy BrunoGuitarists face a sometimes overwhelming number of choices as to where to play a given note or phrase and what fingering to use. While a given fingering for a scale or phrase may be possible, it may not be...
  • Solo Jazz Guitar Method
    Solo Jazz Guitar Method
    by Barry GreeneCD|book setThis book is designed to teach any guitarist to compose chord melody arrangements for the guitar, at a pace which is comfortable for both the beginner and the advanced student. Every method used is...
  • Stowell Plays Stowell
    Stowell Plays Stowell
    Original compositionshear, see, learn and enjoyJohn Stowell is known internationally as a musician with a unique approach to guitar supported by a sophisticated harmonic concept. This DVD captures an intimate performance of...
  • Style of Charlie Parker
    Style of Charlie Parker
    by Corey ChristiansenCD|book setCharlie Parker was arguably one of the most influential jazz musicians to have ever lived. This text presents numerous jazz lines in Charlie's style, grouped by their application in a given...
  • Style of Joe Pass
    Style of Joe Pass
    by Corey ChristiansenCD|book setPresents hundreds of improvised melodic lines played by Joe Pass. Each of the melodic lines are grouped in the harmonic situation in which they were originally played (i.e. all minor lines...
  • Style of John Coltrane
    Style of John Coltrane
    by Corey ChristiansenCD|book setSaxophonist John Coltrane was one of the most innovative, creative, and influential jazz artists of the 20th Century. Both stylistically and harmonically, he opened doors for others to follow...
  • Style of Miles Davis
    Style of Miles Davis
    by Corey ChristiansenCD|book setMiles Davis was one of the most innovative musicians of the 20th century. This book will shed some insight into the music and soloing devices he used during his earlier periods. First, to...
  • Style of Wes Montgomery
    Style of Wes Montgomery
    by Corey ChristiansenCD|book setWes Montgomery took jazz guitar to a new level when he came to the public's attention in the late 1950's. Known for his fluid lines and his big jazz guitar sound, Wes influenced thousands of...
  • Stylings of Howard Roberts
    Stylings of Howard Roberts
    by Mitch HolderThe Jazz Stylings of Howard Roberts consists of transcriptions of melody, solo, comping examples and ensemble passages from Howard's extensive solo albums spanning from the '50's to the '70's in accurate...
  • Teaching Your Guitar to Walk
    Teaching Your Guitar to Walk
    by Paul MussoCD | book setA very well-written book teaching the popular fingerstyle bass/chord "walking" jazz guitar technique. This book is made to order for the novice fingerstyle jazz guitarist who wants to tie chord...

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