Schertler DYN-B P48 Double Bass Contact Mic

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Contact Active Dynamic Microphone
for Double Bass
The Schertler DYN-B contact microphone for double bass. Like carrying a studio mic in your pocket.

Schertler’s new DYN-B-P48 is a fully balanced, active, dynamic contact microphone with Class A electronics. Specially designed to reproduce the natural sound of the double bass in both amplified and recording environments, the microphone features state-of-the-art, in-house developed activefiltering technology that has enabled it to be precisely matched to the instrument’s sound characteristics. This leads to more “immediate” results for the user, making it possible to achieve amazing sound with only minimal adjustments required.

The DYN-B-P48 has a new sleek, lightweight design, making it even less obtrusive to the player. The microphone is supplied with Schertler’s own customized cable that is both robust and torsion resistant, designed to withstand the rigours of daily use while delivering best possible performance results. A balanced XLR connector enables direct connection to a microphone input on a mixing console, as well as to a full range amplification system.

The DYN-B-P48 can be easily and safely applied to even the most valuable of instruments using special adhesive putty. It can also be quickly transferred between instruments during performances or recording sessions.

Achieving the perfect amplification of an acoustic instrument is a dream of many musicisans. In delivering the most natural sound possible, the DYN-B-48 takes players a step nearer to that goal. Note: This microphone requires 48V phantom power.

Schertler’s flagship DYN Series contact microphones were first launched over 20 years ago. Two decades later, developments in microphone technology have enabled the series to be re-engineered to meet today’s exacting requirements. The new DYN P48 Series retains the best features from the original DYN microphones while incorporating state-of-the-art technology that has resulted ineven better sound quality,a more elegant lightweight design and more user-friendly operation.

Schertler DYN series "pick-ups" are actually highly compact contact dynamic microphones. The resulting sound is natural and accurate. Also, because a Schertler DYN mic is designed to be placed on the instrument, DYNs avert the bleed or feedback problems associated with stand mounted microphones.

A Scherter DYN transducer is easily applied to any instrument in a non-invasive way using an inert removable putty. The putty also allows the DYN to be removed entirely at will and without damage to your a instrument.


The DYN mics feature balanced XLR connectors and low impedance output which allow direct connection to a mixing board or amplifier input. For amplification devices with direct "Line-in" possibilities, Schertler offers the PRE-AII Acoustic Preamp for signal boost and modulation.

For the accurate reproduction of acoustics, DYN's are perfectly matched to Schertler's combo amps and active acoustic instrument loudspeaker series.

NOTE: Schertler manufactures many instrument specific models of the DYN. Please inquire about your needs.

Rufus Reid (USA), Avishai Cohen (USA), Yiotis Kiourtsoglou (Greece), Larry Grenadier (USA), Nuno Alexandre (Portugal/Switzerland), Mark Rubin (USA), Andrea Lupi (Italia), Lucy Shaw / Katie Melua band (UK), Jannick Top (France), Augustsson Philip (Sweden), Baronfosse Marco (France), Bonati Roberto (Italy), Brandenberger Bruno (Switzerland), Brandl Manfred (Germany), Busch Sigi (Germany), Coleman Ira (USA), Conte Lorenzo (Italy), Damiani Paolo (Italy), Danielsson Lars, Greenspan Dan (USA), Guy Barry (USA), Haden Charlie (USA), Francioli Leon (Switzerland), Hutton Mick (UK), Kaenzig Heinrich (Switzerland), Magnenat Olivier (Switzerland), Micheli Marco (Italy), Oester Bànz (Switzerland), Darek Oleszkiewicz (USA), Pillinger Franz (Austria), Stabenov Thomas (Germany), Tavolazzi Ares (Italy), Thofeldt Jonny (Sweden) Tommaso Giovanni (Italy), Vaggi Marco (Italy), Vitous Miroslav (USA), Weiss Doug (USA), Ralf Gauck (Germany), Jacques Siron (France)