Zaolla Silverline ZGT-010R

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10ft | 3meter Instrument Cable
Right angle-to-Straight connectors
silver conductor wire
Oyaide connectors

Audio Cable is an integral component to delivering your sound. Within this world, Zaolla cables stand uniquely apart.

Zaolla Silverline Series instrument cables combine 99.9997% ultra-pure solid silver audiophile conductor wire with extraordinary layers of shielding.

Zolla chose silver to mold its conductor core because of this material's superiority in transmitting audio signals over the far more common copper. Tests show that Zaolla's Artist series cable have a virtually flat linear response across the audible frequency spectrum.

The Silverline Series instrument cables use Oyaide connector plugs which ensures maximum signal transfer from your instrument to your amplifier while providing reliability on the gig. This approach more closely reaches the ideal conductor cable: pure energy in/pure energy out.

Yes, there is an audible difference...and this is why SOUNDISLAND carries the Silverline series from Zaolla.

"Transparent." "More definition." "Clearer sound." "More air." "Sensous." These are the kinds of subjective responses musicians use to describe the empirical data obtained from the engineers' scientific tests.

Zaolla cables are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the original purchaser. The company believes in them too.

The Silverline series cables are available in a variety of lengths. The 10 and 15 foot [3 and 5 meter] model here is the most popular. Please contact SOUNDISLAND if your needs are different.