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The SeQuel SKōTER is inspired by the wonderful classic sound of an 1950s-era archtop guitar plugged into a like period vintage jazz tube amplifier.

Envisioned from the outset as an essentials only gig-worthy practical amplifier for all manner of [mostly] Jazz guitarists, the SKōTER is a diminutive 1x10 combo tube amp, weighing only about 23-pounds, pushing around 20+ watts into a very guitar-like set of controls:
Power Switch, Volume, Tone. That's it.

Less wire in the electronics translates directly as more of the rich, actual sound of the guitar through the amp. And interestingly, louder too because less signal is lost in translation.

By selecting high quality but off-the-shelf  American components, we are able to offer the SKōTER to you in a package that says: YES, LETS DO THIS!

It's also very practical: All the tubes can be replaced at home or gig by the owner/guitarist without the need to visit a tech to re-bias the power tubes like those pesky Fender® amps and all their ubiquitous clones. This is a cathode biased amp.

Admittedly we conceived the SKōTER as a warm-mostly clean Jazz amplifier that could get a little "hair" on the note or chord when pushed a bit hard...just like those classic late 1950s recordings. Yet, if you're a modern player or work in genres where you need to access modulation and distortion, the SKōTER is your friend. Takes to pedals like a charm and saturates ever so smoothly.

Free Shipping in the United States.  Limited Lifetime warranty (Customer pays for shipping).

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