Schertler STAT-V ROAD Violin and Viola

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Schertler Violin and Viola Pickup
plus Yellow Blender preamp 

The Schertler STAT-V is Schertler's classic electrostatic bridge-mounted transducer. This SET includes Schertler's Yellow Blender preamplifer.

Ideal in applications where high volume levels must not present a handicap, the STAT-V provides high feedback resistance while reflecting the natural sound of the violin and viola with a clear, well defined and "round" string tone.

Schertler's patented STAT line of bridge pickups was designed by Stephan Schertler, a Bassist himself, for violin family instruments Then too, just ask Charlie Haden, Rufus Reid and Larry Granadier who rely on Schertler pickups for their "live" sound.

- Charlie Haden

The Schertler YELLOW BLENDER preamplifier is the perfect choice for use with STAT series of pickups for classic stringed instruments. Compact, versatile and easy to use, the YELLOW BLENDER provides power to the STAT-V pickup while allowing control of volume, EQ and filters.

Class-A constant current design ensures faithful sound reproduction while delivering nearly 500 hours of playing time from one 9-volt battery.

Schertler STAT-V specifications:
Nominal impedance: 2k ohm
Frequency response: 20Hz to 12KHz +/-3dB
Dynamic range: 75dB
Contacts: gold plated

YELLOW BLENDER offers 2 dedicated inputs (one balanced XLR for microphones and one unbalanced Jack for instruments). The Return socket can also be used as a third input for line sources. A choice of four balanced / unbalanced output options enables connection to active loudspeakers, mixers, recording devices and effects. A separate headphone output is also provided. The two input channels include 4-band EQ, notch filter, phase reverse, low-pass “warmth” filter, low cut switch and phantom power (48V and 10V). The Send/Return sockets also enable an effect loop.

  1. modern and sophisticated design, build in a robust and light aluminum case. 
  2. maximum three input channels for all kind of microphones and pick-ups
  3. maximum four output lines with multiple connections  
  4. headphones output
  5. send&return for effect loop
  6. four band EQ for the two main channels to ensure wide range of tonal controls
  7. hi-end pure class A electronics for the best possible sound performance

Every single section has been thought and engineered to ensure the maximum potential from any kind of sound source.

Rufus Reid (USA), Avishai Cohen (USA), Yiotis Kiourtsoglou (Greece), Larry Grenadier (USA), Nuno Alexandre (Portugal/Switzerland), Mark Rubin (USA), Andrea Lupi (Italia), Lucy Shaw / Katie Melua band (UK), Jannick Top (France), Augustsson Philip (Sweden), Baronfosse Marco (France), Bonati Roberto (Italy), Brandenberger Bruno (Switzerland), Brandl Manfred (Germany), Busch Sigi (Germany), Coleman Ira (USA), Conte Lorenzo (Italy), Damiani Paolo (Italy), Danielsson Lars, Greenspan Dan (USA), Guy Barry (USA), Haden Charlie (USA), Francioli Leon (Switzerland), Hutton Mick (UK), Kaenzig Heinrich (Switzerland), Magnenat Olivier (Switzerland), Micheli Marco (Italy), Oester Bànz (Switzerland), Darek Oleszkiewicz (USA), Pillinger Franz (Austria), Stabenov Thomas (Germany), Tavolazzi Ares (Italy), Thofeldt Jonny (Sweden) Tommaso Giovanni (Italy), Vaggi Marco (Italy), Vitous Miroslav (USA), Weiss Doug (USA), Ralf Gauck (Germany), Jacques Siron (France)