Schertler Lydia DUAL - ST

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DYN internal contact microphone
with LYDIA saddle transducer
Master volume and balance controls
model for steel string acoustic guitars
Just say NO to piezo "quack" with the Schertler DUAL Source system.

The Schertler DUAL Source combines two patented technologies with different sensor points to deliver the ultimate amplified ideal of your acoustic or classical guitar.

An internal mounted DYN dynamic microphone attaches to the underside of the guitar's top. This produces the same characteristics as a stand mounted microphone placed close to the guitar...because the DYN is indeed a miniature dynamic microphone capsule.

The Schertler BLUESTiCK is a patented active transducer that places the minuature equivalent of a studio-grade condenser microphone under your guitar's saddle. 1/1000 the weight of a piezo, the heart of BLUESTiCK is a miniature electrostatic condenser microphone. Because it's so light it can fully respond to the subtle harmonic vibrations that ultimately determine the sound of your fine guitar.

Together in the Schertler DUAL Source, you'll easily hear a more refined, complex and accurate sound. All without compensating with EQ and filters. The DUAL Source simply works better.

Includes master volume and blend rotary controls, output jack, plus lithium battery. Controls usually mounted inside the soundhole of a guitar for easy access.

With the Schertler DUAL Source there are no visual modifications to your beautiful acoustic guitar. No control panels. No knobs that stick out. Just you, your guitar, and the sound.

The Schertler DUAL Source. Just the essential sound.

Steel string acoustic guitar: 2.5mm x 70mm
Nylon string classical guitar: 2.5 mm x 74mm

John Jorgenson / The Hellecasters, Elton Johns band (USA), Preston Reed (UK), Gambetta Beppe (Italy), Bellinati Paulo (Brasil), Snétberger Ferenc (Germany), Thilo Martinho (Germany), Nicola Cattaneo (Italy), Marcus Cahill - IMAGINE the tribute band (UK), Giuseppe Siracusa - ex ARETUSKA (Italy), Emmy Lou Harris / Gibson signature model (USA), Dario Fornara (Italy), Stefanos Andreadis (Greece), Mons (Alberto Montagnani) (Italy), Yuval Avital (Greece), Marcus Cahill (UK), Italo Iovane (Italy), Johnny Hallyday (France), Kropinski Uwe (Germany), Jean Félix Lalanne (France), Qualey David (Germany), Ratzenbeck Peter (Austria), Towner Ralph (USA), Luca Pedroni (Italy), Winkler Michael (Switzerland), Matthias Muller (Germany), Soig Siberil (France), Woody Mann (USA), Scott Fore / Flatpicking Champion (USA), Alessio Nebiolo (Switzerland), Krueger Brothers (USA), Bello Alvaro (France), Kenny Burrell (USA), Stacy Phillips (USA), Juan Carlos Zeta (Chile - Switzerland), Hal (Croatia), Andreas Öberg (Finland), Ibrica Jusic (Croatia), Christian Reichert (Germany), Franz Helmuller (Switzerland), Marc Liebeskind (Switzerland), Martin Brugger (Austria), Alexandru Tsena (Romania), Reentko Dirks (Germany).