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Raezer's Edge ACOUSTIC 10 [previously called the NIGHTHAWK 10 ER]. A new generation of acoustic series speaker systemsl from the definitive manufacturer of Jazz-voiced speaker cabinets. It's an exceptional choice for those who seek a highly compact cabinet that faithfully represents a more acoustic rendition of their archtop or who play classical aka nylon-string guitar. Or sing too!

The very small Acoustic 10 cabinet is just barely larger than the 10" coaxial speaker it contains. Yet, the Acoustic 10 speaks with an open transparent voice, dynamics, clarity and authority that even significantly larger and heavier enclosures often don't obtain.

Then too, the Acoustic 10's full frequency range capabilities mean that it can confidently handle a spectrum of sonic duties from thick dark tones, to woody and round, to bright and jangly. You tune the cabinet to suit your guitars and personal preferences. Truly, this model is a sound chameleon in Raezer clothing.

"I want to give you feedback on my experience with the [Acoustic 10] COMBO this weekend. 
  First thing to say is that it is way over my expectations and they were high. 

 I played the amp almost all weekend long with my 2 archtops, my classical and my flattop guitar. 
 The first word that comes to me is Richness. 

 It is full and rich, you almost forget that the guitar is amplified an you feel the instrument. 

 The combo size is perfect not too big and not too heavy. 
 It is a flexible compact solution with tons of colors and power. 

"Exactly what I was looking for."

The folks at Raezer haven't been sleeping in Wisconsin.

At the core of the Acoustic 10 is a coaxial "twin speaker" arrangement linked to an electronic passband that spits the signal at 1600 Hz which is rather low compared to most other cabinet designs. In this configuration, the 10" Eminence Beta speaker can focus on reproducing the challenging low and low-mid frequencies. The mids and highs are pragmatically off-loaded to a state of the art driver engineered specifically to deliver that frequency range. The result is a very natural rendition of your instrument's sound.

As with other Raezer's Edge ER series cabinets, the upper harmonic content can be precisely "tuned" via an infinitely variable control located at the back of the cabinet. This makes for highly versatile investment in sound, capable of handling most any requirement both now and long into the future.

Raezer's Edge Acoustic 10 is an example of the whole that becomes something more than the mere sum of its parts. It simply delivers so that you can concentrate on your music...with "grab-and-go" convenience and player defined Extended Range functionality.

Paraphrasing the old advert slogan: "don't leave home without one."

If you'd like an ACOUSTIC 10 built as a COMBO with a hutch or shelf on the top to fit an Acoustic Image CLARUS for an all-in-one grab-and-go solution, simply check the option when ordering.


1x10" with adjustable tweeter
2-way, full range
SIZE: 14"h x 14"w x 10.5"d
WEIGHT: 21 Lbs. [nominal]
RMS: 250 Watts @ 8-ohms
SPEAKER SYSTEM: 10"|254mm Coaxial
...Eminence Beta 10-CX
...magnet material: ferrite
...magnet weight: 38 oz
...voice coil diameter: 2" (50.8mm)
...sensitivity: 94.3dB
...Eminence NSD-2005
...diaphragm material: titanium
...magnet weight: 4.16 oz
...voice coil diameter: 2" (51mm)
...sensitivity: 111dB
OTHER: Built-in handle; Neutrik inputs



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    Raezer's Acoustic 10 ER

    Posted by Michael Baker on 12th Feb 2022

    Does exactly what I wanted it to do:
    Go back and forth between my classical guitar , my Archtop electric and even sounds good with my telecaster.