Raezer's Edge 6/8 ER

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RE 6/8 ER
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speaker cabinet
8" + 6" plus adjustable tweeter
27 Lbs.
The Raezer's Edge 6/8 cabinet. The little one with the big FAT tone AND variable Extended Range voicing.

Many of SOUND ISLAND's customers are fans of the Reazer Twin-8 cabinet. No wonder. With its "thick and juicy" just slightly dark tone, warm high end and round lows, it spells a certain flavor of Jazz guitar perfectly yet in a package that's easy to carry around.

Now for the second generation. Variation on a theme. Swap one of the speakers for a 6" driver to give the mids a bit more presence and add a coaxially mounted tweeter with volume control for incremental sonic flexibility. Retune the cabinet.

The result is wonderful.

size: 17" x 13.5" x 10"
weight: 27 lbs.
speaker complement:
...Beta 8CX coaxial
...Alpha 6
...APT 50 tweeter
L-Pad volume control rear
Twin Neutrik Speakon connectors