Densmore RAMONA

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The DENSMORE RAMONA. A new breed of Jazz/Blues/Rock amplifier from SOUNDISLAND! A great solution for those who play a variety of modern improvisational music styles yet also need to capture "that" classic vintage Jazz vibe.

With a big bold clean sound on its own yet also embracing pedals, RAMONA is a perfect partner to those yielding a 335-style guitar, TELE-style with a humbucker mounted in the neck position, and most any guitar fitted with P-90s, Charlie Christian, DeArmond type pickups, etc. 

Highly responsive/sensitive to the player's touch, you can almost feel the amp breathing with your music. And the RAMONA doesn't impose its own character on you, but rather lets you control the sound through your personal choices of guitar, set-up, and pedal train. 

Our transparent power section using 2 x 7591A power tubes produces "enough" volume for quieter gigs...yet this amp can also get seriously L-O-U-D when needed. Popular in the Hi-Fi world of the 1950s-60s, these output tubes are juicy and harmonically rich sounding whether clean or pushed into overdrive.

The RAMONA is a practical amp too. Weighing under 35-pounds, it's a comfortable package for one hand carry to a gig or rehearsal. Self-biasing circuit so the guitarist owner can install a new set of tubes without needing a trip to a tech. 

Includes cover and FREE shipping CONUS. 

Warranty. We back our work with parts and labor for two years [tubes excluded]. You ship it to us and we'll ship it back to you.

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Length: 23.5 inches | 59,7 cm

Height: 17.5 inches | 44,5 cm

Depth: 10.0 inches | 25,4 cm

Weight 33-35 pounds | 15-16 kilos


1x12 Neodymium magnet standard

AC Voltage:

115v and 230v [please specify with your order]


Transformers: custom set by Mercury Magnetics

Capacitors: Jupiter

Resistors: Tamura carbon comp

Cabinet: pine, dove tailed

2-years parts and labor [tubes excluded] you ship amp to us and we ship it back to you