Henriksen JazzAmp & SOUNDISLAND partnership | the ALFRESCO Custom

Posted by michael biller on 8th Apr 2015

It seems that we just can't sit still for too long around here at SOUNDISLAND before our minds start wandering toward yet another new amp project. And so it's happened yet again! 

Introducing the ALFRESCO Custom. Solid state. 1x12. 120w @ 8-ohms. Open back. Really compact. Low weight. Upgraded cabinet. Clear-yet-dark-and-rich sound.

So what's the Alfresco all about?

  • We started with Henriksen's well proven solid state analog circuitry with their so very useful 5-band EQ plus onboard Reverb. 
  • Added a useful Phase Switch to help control feedback or simply provide a different character to lower frequencies.
  • Placed this amp assembly into an engineered open back cabinet that features an interstitial space for the electronic components to isolate them from the air movement caused by the speaker.
  • Developed a custom speaker because nothing stock sounded just right while also handling the amp's ample power reserves.
  • Didn't forget the details like a tough but comfortable leather handle, large rubber feet to help isolate the amp from coupling with stage floors, and an elegant exterior with a hint of archtop vintage.

And why an open back cabinet?

For a more 3-dimensional sound that spreads around you and your band so you're better able to hear each other even when performing on cramped stages. Plus the very low guitar bass frequencies are present but not "boomy" or interfering with the Bassist and the drummer's kick. So the entire band mix improves. Plus it helps provide some of that tube amp vibe.

How does it work in real life?

Great actually! Even if we say so ourselves. It's very even and balanced string-to-string. That characteristic clear-yet-dark-and-fat sound which is so appealing with many archtops. Highly intuitive controls for adjusting the character to a particular guitar, playing situation, or room. 

Bottom line. Everyone should have an Alfresco in their arsenal of amp tools. Something to go with at least a few of your guitars!