Armstrong single coil built-in 6-pole

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The Kent Armstrong PAF SINGLE COIL pickup. Custom made to order personally by Kent Armstrong. With two selectable positions [DeArmond or P-90]. If you're a fan of single coils and have a guitar with a built-in pickup or two, this is simply a great choice from the leading builder of Jazz-voiced pickups.

6 individually adjustable pole pieces make this a very versatile pick-up, allowing precise magnetic string-to-string intonation and balance.

Includes complete mounting kit: mounting ring, springs, shielded cable. 

NOTE: Please specify "Gibson" style 50mm spacing or "Fender" style 52mm spacing (nominal dimensions).

Height and width: standard "PAF" style


SINGLE COIL in a PAF size container
for 6-string Jazz guitar
Metal cover only, silver, black
50mm E-to-e spacing standard
...52mm spacing optional
Width: 37mm 
Depth: 2.2 cm
3-tab wiring to select 8k ohm or 13k ohm