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Alpha PLUS
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Combo amplifier
50 watts RMS with dynamic compression
Extended dynamic range 
8" [200 mm] twin cone speaker
One channel, dual inputs [1/4" and mix XLR]
3-band EQ with "colour" switch
Digital reverb [1 preset]
14.1 lbs [6.4 kg]
Includes padded gig bag

AER. Audio Electric Research from Recklinghausen, Germany.

From Gene Bertoncini to John Williams, Jack Wilkins to Tommy Emmanuel, John Stowell to Carlos Santana, Steve Herberman to David Gilmour or Jan Akkerman, AER Amps have won acceptance in all musical styles where reproduction of the most authentic acoustic guitar sound is demanded.

The Alpha PLUS is the next step up the product ladder for AER adding extended dynamic range through more power and a new circuit design.

As Bob Thomas writes in Performing Musician magazine: "The Alpha Plus? amplifier is a 50-Watt, DMOS (double-diffused metal-oxide semiconductor) monolithic IC affair with an A-weighted dynamic range of 92dB. In simple terms this means that it is noticeably louder than the original Alpha.

To ensure that the amplifier remains within its operating parameters, AER use a newly developed, complex peak limiter that changes its attack and release times to suit the material being played and sung. AER have complemented these changes with changes to the EQ?s treble and bass shelving frequencies, and the overall effect is to make the Aplha Plus a subjectively louder, more dynamic and more natural-sounding amplifier than its predecessor."

...Marco DeCarvalho
...Brazilian Jazz guitarist living in Seattle

At roughly a 10" cube housing a single 8" extended range speaker, the Alpha's size is diminutive but the output is strong and accurate. In the Alpha, the engineers at AER have reduced size and weight to the maximum without renunciation of what is essential for superb performance. In fact, by itself the sound is open and responsive...and loud!

The AER Alpha features two inputs, a 1/4" and an XLR Combi, with a shared single preamp section. Also part of the package are DI and line outs, onboard digital effects, effects loop, and a headphone socket. There's a handy mount for placing the AER Alpha on a stand which allows the amp to double as a personal monitor.

Output: 40 watts with built-in limiter
Speaker: 8" twin-cone system
Frequency response: 60Hz-18Khz
Phantom power: 24v
...High: 10.24"
...Wide: 10.24"
...Deep: 9.25"
Weight: 14.1 Lbs/6,4 Kilos

COMBINE with AG8-2 for additional volume and sound coverage or to use as a powered monitor.