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JazzAmp The Bud Combo


  • Henriksen The BUD
    Henriksen JazzAmp The BUD
    $1,099.00 $989.00
    Everybody should have a BUD! Nicknamed after the founder of Henriksen Amplifiers with a double meaning reflecting its size. At 9"x9"x9" and around 17 lbs [7.7 kilos] this amp is not only little, it's tiny! It's also...
  • Henriksen JazzAmp The BUD EX
extension cabinet
    Henriksen The BUD Matching Extension Cabinet
    Matching extension speaker for The Bud amplifier by Henriksen Amplifiers. 9x9x9 Coaxial 6.5" woofer with tweeter 12 lbs aproximately
  • Henriksen BUD gig bag
    Henriksen JazzAmp BUD Gig Bag
    Gig bag for The Bud, with shoulder strap and oversized pocket large enough for an iPad, Real Book, cables and a pedal or two. The quality is absolutely superb and they'll protect your amp while making your gigs a snap! Each...

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