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Henriksen Amplifiers

Henriksen JazzAmp. The successor to Polytone™ ... and a step beyond. Portable and cost effective amplfiers for Jazz guitar and acoustic bass. All analog circuitry with 5-band EQ. Available as 1x12 and 1x10 combos [both with defeat-able tweeters].  And The Bud.

Each Henriksen JazzAmp is electronically identical, rated at 120-watts into 8-ohms with a 5 band graphic EQ, line out, extension speaker out and reverb; the only difference is in the speaker cabinets.

The 310 model has a single 10” speaker housed in a cabinet barely larger than the speaker plus a defeat-able tweeter. It can handle most small Jazz combo playing situations. The 310 has sufficient flexibility to play in various Jazz styles e.g., Wes Montgomery, Freddie Green, Django Reinhardt, even to some extent nylon string classical or flameco, and flat top acoustic folk guitar. A 310 and corresponding gig bag is one great solution for all manner of typical Jazz gigs and rehearsals.

The 312 model has a single 12” speaker plus a defeat-able tweeter. The deep nearly cube proportions of the cabinet is designed to handle acoustic double bass and keyboards as well as guitar. A 312 will reproduce more low-mids/hi-bass frequencies and also achieve higher playing volumes.

JazzAmp 310 is 14”x14”x8.5” and 28 pounds | 12.7 kilos
JazzAmp 312 is 17”x18”x19” and 40 pounds | 18 kilos

The newest member of the Henriksen family aptly called "The Bud" is a tiny cube for multiple instruments and applications. With 2 independent channels, each with 48v phantom power pushing 120-watts through a full-range [ER] 6.5-inch coaxial speaker and weighing only 17 lbs, it's quite the wolf in sheeps clothing. 9"x9"x9" / 23x23x23cm.



  • JazzAmp Alfresco
1x12" | 120 watts | open back
front closeup
    Alfresco Customâ„¢ GEN-2
    $1,399.00 $1,299.00
    The ALFRESCO™ is a Jazz-voiced solid state open back all-in-one combo amplifier that pushes 135-watts through a custom 1x12 speaker. A partnership between SOUNDISLANDMUSIC and HENRIKSEN Amplifiers. Now...
  • Henriksen The BUD
    Henriksen The BUD with Bag
    $1,599.00 $1,199.00
    Everybody should have a BUD! Nicknamed after the founder of Henriksen Amplifiers with a double meaning reflecting its size. At 9"x9"x9" and around 17 lbs [7.7 kilos] this amp is not only little, it's tiny! It's also...
  • Henriksen JazzAmp 310
    Henriksen JazzAmp 310
    $1,329.00 $999.00
     NOTE: The Henriksen JazzAmp 310 will be undergoing a re-design in the coming months. The newest version is targeted for release in November 2018. Please contact SOUNDISLANDMUSIC.COM for updated information. ........
  • Henriksen JazzAmp 312
right isometric
    Henriksen JazzAmp 312
    $1,459.00 $1,099.00
    The NEW Henriksen JazzAmp 312 is here. And it's fabulous! Here is a summary: Upgrades You Can See:   Input Gain Control - One issue the JazzAmp always had is that while it works wonderfully with most...
  • Henriksen The BLU
    Henriksen The BLU with Bag
    $1,199.00 $899.00
    Henriksen The BLU. Single channel 12-pound version of Henriksen's The BUD amplifier. The tiny amp that does so much...and even more! And now includes FREE gig bag!  TECH SPECs: 120 wattsabout 12 lbs | 5,5...
  • Henriksen The RAY
speaker cabinet
    Henriksen The RAY Speaker Cab
    Add more sound to your Henriksen BUD or BLU! The RAY is about the smoothest, broadest and flattest frequency response cabinet you can find in a 10 lb | 4,5 kilo package! The Henriksen RAY speaker cabinet employs a quad...
  • Henriksen JazzAmp 110-ER speaker cabinet
    Henriksen JazzAmp Speaker Cabinet 310
    $800.00 $599.00
    1x10" Speaker Cabinet with Tweeter An Extended Range 10" compact cabinet that is available separately or as part of the Henriksen Convertible package. Features a 10" Eminence Beta-A speaker and tweeter with a crossover...
  • Henriksen JazzAmp Speaker Cabinet 312
    Henriksen JazzAmp Speaker Cabinet 312
    $929.00 $699.00
    1x12" Speaker Cabinet with Tweeter12" Extended Range Cabinet Construction: 11-ply Finland Birch Size:14" X 15" X 13" Weight: 25 lbs.Ohm rating: 8 ohm Speaker complement: Eminence® Beta-A 12" APT:50...
  • Henriksen JazzAmp 310 Gig Bag
    Henriksen JazzAmp 310 Gig Bag
    $160.00 $119.00
    heavy duty padded gig bagwith front pocketFits: Henriksen JazzAmp 310 
  • Henriksen BUD gig bag
    Henriksen JazzAmp BUD Gig Bag
    $140.00 $109.00
    Gig bag for The Bud, with shoulder strap and oversized pocket large enough for an iPad, Real Book, cables and a pedal or two. The quality is absolutely superb and they'll protect your amp while making your gigs a snap! Each...

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