Sound Island Music is a Seattle WA (USA) area store specializing in amplifiers, pickups, accessories and educational material for Jazz and acoustic guitars, Upright Acoustic Double Bass and other fine acoustic instruments.

Whether your need is for a specialty archtop Jazz guitar amp, an acoustic guitar amp for your classical guitar or flat-top, an acoustic Double Bass amp or a general purpose acoustic instrument amplifier, you've come to the right place. Welcome!

SOUNDISLAND represents many of the world's most well regarded amplifier manufacturers in this domain including Acoustic Image, AER amps, Alessandro High-End models, Henriksen JazzAmp BUD and BLU acoustic guitar amps, Raezer's Edge speaker cabinets, Schertler acoustic products, reference grade SeQuel™ Amplifiers, Phil Jones Bass, and soon Densmore Jazz tube amps.

While each of these manufacturers has their own approach on what constitutes "the ideal" amplifier, all make truly exceptional sounding products. So whether your instrument voices best through a warm-yet-clear Jazz guitar amp, transparent acoustic guitar amp, resonant acoustic Bass amp or other special purpose acoustic amp, you've found a sonic home, a helping hand and even a bit of over-the-top fanaticism about these amps at Sound Island Music.

SOUNDISLAND also stocks related items that help your instrument achieve its optimal voice including pickups by RMC, Kent Armstrong USA hand-made [Vermont], Rich Barbera, David Gage, Schertler, strings by Thomastik-Infeld, cables by Zaolla and INTEX, and picks from D'Andrea.

Additionally, Sound Island Music offers selected educational material for Jazz guitar by Mel Bay Publications and others. Compiled by leading guitarist-educators, these books and DVDs present insights and guidance to help us all continue evolving in our understanding of this improvised music called Jazz.

For any questions regarding a Jazz guitar amp, acoustic guitar amp, a solution for an acoustic bass amp or amplifier for another special acoustic instrument, please contact us for knowledgeable, hands-on product and application information. If you are in the Seattle neighborhood, we'd very much enjoy meeting with you in person... just give us a call.

Remember, the amplifier is "the other instrument we all play."

Looking forward to hearing your sound,

Michael Biller
Guitarist | Founder
Seattle, WA USA
TEL: 206.293.9488 
eMail:[email protected]