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SeQuel Jazz Tube Amplifiers

SeQuel Amplifiers. Reference class amplifiers for archtops and other Jazz oriented guitars. State-of-the-art with a vintage vibe. 

Hand crafted in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Distributed worldwide by SOUNDISLANDMUSIC.COM.

Essential simplicity. Exacting components. Transparent sound. Beautiful. 


  • SeQuel RAVINE. Jazz Tube Amp. Reference grade amplifier with state of the art components. Hear your guitar the way the luthier intended.
    SeQuel RAVINE™ Jazz Tube Amp [to the Manhattan Guitar Club]
    The SeQuel RAVINE. Reference grade Jazz guitar tube amplifier. Compact 1x12 combo producing 50-watts RMS. Vintage late 1950s-era sound character with modern muscle and articulation. Particularly lush reverb circuit...
  • SeQuel TRIBUTARY - isometric view
    SeQuel TRIBUTARY Series 2
    Vintage late-1940s-early-1950s mellow sonic character and feel blended with modern clarity, articulation and headroom. The newest iteration of the SeQuel TRIBUTARY™ Series 2 now includes Bass and Treble EQ controls...
  • SeQuel TRIBUTE
    SeQuel TRIBUTE™ archtop tube amp [to Jim Hall]
    a respectful interpretation and tribute to JIM HALL's original amp12 and 8 inch Jensen alnico speakers32 watts RMS [clean] size: 23.5 inches W x 16.5 inches H x 8 inches D [nominal]         60 cm W x...
  • SeQuel VERMONT Hybrid
nod to Johnny Smith
archtop jazz guitar amplifier
front isometric A
    SeQuel VERMONT™ Hybrid Amplifier [to Johnny Smith]
    The SeQuel VERMONT™ guitar amplifier. Our homage to the great Johnny Smith. Named after his seminal album titled "Moonlight In Vermont" released in 1952 with a nod to the music he created and amps he continued to...

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