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Schertler manufatures superb high fidelity amplification systems for all acoustic stringed instruments. Designed in Switzerland and assembled in Italy, the Schertler system includes the gamut from sensors [pickups and microphones] to amplifiers and related electronics. 

Pickups: DYN. STAT. LYDIA. Basik. Magneto. S-MIC-M.

Preamps and DI: Yellow. A-Pre. Stat-Pre. Active DI.


Jam series> 100. 150. 400. 150 extension.

Classic series> Giulia. David. Unico. Side. Bass.

Deluxe series> David. Unico. LaFaro.

Bass Fidelity> B10. B12. B15. [in development].

Jazz guitar> Charlie [in development].



  • Schertler ACC-PUT-5
    Schertler ACC-PUT-5
    DYN Putty Tin 5-PackSchertler DYN Putty Tin 5-Pack
  • Schertler Active BASS Extension
    Schertler Active BASS Extension
    $1,599.00 $1,279.00
    Active Loudspeakerfor Bass instrumentsand subwoofer applicationsThe Schertler Bass 200 is the perfect compliment to UNICO or David for enhancing the performance of acoustic instruments producing strong bass frequencies...
  • Schertler Active Side Extension
    Schertler Active Side Extension
    $1,249.99 $999.00
    Active loudspeaker for UNICO amplifier The Schertler Side was conceived and developed as a self powered extension for the Schertler UNICO or as a stand-alone active loudspeaker system. Due to the success of UNICO, a...
  • Schertler Basik PRO 48v
    Schertler Basik PRO 48v
    $225.00 $191.00
    Electrostatic contact microphonewith 48v phantom power adaptorfor all acoustic instrumentsThe Schertler BASIK electrostatic contact microphone will convey your instrument's body vibrations with high precision reproducing the...
  • Schertler Basik SET 1.5v
    Schertler Basik SET 1.5v
    $199.00 $169.00
    Electrostatic contact microphonepackage with 1.5v battery adaptorfor all acoustic instrumentsThe BASIK microphone will convey your instrument's body vibrations with high precision reproducing the natural acoustic sound...
  • Schertler Charlie
Jazz Guitar Amplifier
front view
    Schertler CHARLIE
    Schertler's CHARLIE is an exciting new compact electric amplifier that has been specifically developed for use with jazz guitar. The single channel, 280W amp is designed to enhance the delicate low-mid range of the...
  • Schertler JAM 100
gig bag
    Schertler JAM 100 Gig Bag
    $113.00 $85.00
    Schertler Bag for JAM 100 acoustic amplifier.
  • Shertler JAM 400 Gig Bag
    Schertler JAM 400 Gig Bag
    $105.00 $79.00
    Padded Gig Bag for Schertler JAM-400 amplifier.
  • Schertler LaFaro Double Bass Amplifier
dedicated to Scott LaFaro
    Schertler LAFARO Deluxe Double Bass Amplifier [dedicated to Scott LaFaro]
    $2,459.00 $1,849.00
    Combo Amplifier for Double Bass and Cello. Schertler launches their double bass amp LaFaro, dedicated to one of the most progressive bassists in Jazz history: Scott LaFaro. 5 REASONS TO OWN a Schertler LaFaro...
  • Schertler Gig Bag for LaFaro amplifier
    Schertler LaFaro Gig Bag
    $166.00 $125.00
    Padded Gig Bag for Schertler LaFaro amplifier for Upright Bass, Contrabass, Acoustic Bass, Double Bass, String Bass, Doghouse Bass, Big Fiddle, etc.
  • Schertler Pub 2/280
    Schertler Pub 2/280
    $2,259.00 $1,807.00
    Active Loudspeakerfor all acoustic instrumentsand PA applicationsThe Schertler PUB 2/280 is an active bi-amplified system designed to act as a full-range instrument power amplifier and speaker for most any acoustic...
  • Schertler PUB 2/280 gig bag
    Schertler PUB 2/280 gig bag
    gig bagfor PUB 2/280[may vary from shown]
  • Schertler Putty Single Tin ACC-PUT-1
    Schertler Putty Single Tin ACC-PUT-1
    DYN Putty Tin 1-PackSchertler DYN Putty Tin 1-Pack
  • Schertler S1 Monitor Stand
    Schertler S1 Monitor Stand
    Tilt monitor hardwarefor David, Unico, 280, SideSchertler S1 Monitor Stand
  • Schertler UNi-Pedal
    Schertler UNi-Pedal
    Volume pedal for UNICO and DAVIDThe Schertler UNi-Pedal plugs into the UNICO or DAVID combo amplifiers and conveniently modulates the amp's volume without changing the tone. A logical solution that does not require taking...
  • Schertler Giulia - front
    Schertler Giulia
    $571.00 $429.00
    Acoustic instrument amp 50 watt biamplified weight: 13.9 lb | 6.3 kg dimensions: 10-5/8wx11-1/32hx7-3/32d in | 27x18x28 cm frequency response: 80 Hz to 18 kHz (+/-3dB) speakers: 1" dome tweeter, 5" woofer channels:...
  • Schertler Giulia Y - front
    Schertler Giulia Y
    $664.00 $499.99
    Acoustic instrument amp 2-Channels50 watt biamplified weight: 13.9 lb | 6.3 kg dimensions: 10-5/8wx11-1/32hx7-3/32d in | 27x18x28 cm frequency response: 80 Hz to 18 kHz (+/-3dB) speakers: 1" dome tweeter, 5" woofer...
  • Schertler JAM 100
    Schertler JAM 100
    $797.00 $599.00
    Combo Amplifier100w RMS3 Channels + CD inDigital reverb1-inch dome tweeter6-inch woofer24.25 lbs | 11 kg CHOICE OF FINISH; Grey or Wood An all around great value in a quality highly portable acoustic...
  • Schertler JAM 400 G & W
    Schertler JAM 400 G & W
    $1,728.00 $1,299.00
    Combo Amplifier [wood ro grey finish]400w RMS biamplified3 channels mono + 2 stereo + RCA1-inch horn tweeter2 x 8-inch woofers46.29 lbs | 21 kg Formerly known as SR Technology, Schertler's JAM...
  • Schertler DAVID Classic BUNDLE
    Schertler DAVID Classic BUNDLE
    $1,196.00 $899.00
    INCLUDES FREE GIG BAG and STAND! Combo Amplifier Class A circuitry100w RMS bi-amplified2 Channels 48v phantom powerResonance filter Warm filter Analog spring reverbWEIGHT: 10.3 Kg (22.7 Lbs) Finish options: Grey or...
  • Schertler UNICO v2
    Schertler UNICO Gen2
    $1,462.00 $1,099.00
    The UNICO is the fourth member of Schertler’s “next generation” acoustic amplification series. This 5-channel, versatile amp is a perfect solution for musicians who find the JAM amplifier too small, but...
  • Schertler UNICO Gen2
Gig Bag
    Schertler Unico or Side-Gig Bag
    $126.00 $95.00
    Heavy duty padded gig bag for Schertler Unico/Side. Includes carrying handle, gusset pocket and shoulder strap.  

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