SeQuel TRIBUTARY2™ [to oscar moore and 50s-era grant green, tal farlow, kenny burrell]

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SeQuel TRIBUTARY Series 2
built to order; typically 2-3 month lead time
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Vintage late-1940s-early-1950s mellow sonic character and feel blended with modern clarity, articulation and headroom. The newest iteration of the SeQuel TRIBUTARY™ Series 2 now includes Bass and Treble EQ controls plus onboard spring Reverb. Essentially a single speaker "mono" version of our TRIBUTE 12" + 8" model which we dedicated to Jim Hall. 
The original TRIBUTARY aka "one knob wonder" defined amp essentialism and sonic purity: a Volume Control. an On/Off switch. That's it. While many appreciated the direct connection between their guitar and the sound that eminated from the speaker, some archtop guitarists who only have a volume control on their instrument pined for EQ controls on the amp...but only enough to allow them to compensate for the sound of a particular room. Arguably a little out of true vintage character we also included our lush spring Reverb circuit to add a little extra dimension for laminate guitars.
And as long as we were tinkering, we gave the little amp-that-could a touch more power and muscle. The TRIBUTARY Series 2 is now conservatively rated at about 28-watts. Two matched 6L6 power tubes in cathode bias configuration provide that warmer/softer vintage response yet with solid low end while also allowing for easy yes-you-can-do-this-at-home or gig tube replacement ... without the need to visit your local repair technician for biasing like those pesky Fender® amps and their ubiquitous clones.
"Hi Michael, the SeQuel TRIBUTARY2 sounds great. My Campellone [fitted with a Kent Armstrong handmade pickup and strung with a set of Thomastik-Infeld BeBops] is at once bright yet mellow and smooth - not harsh at all. Also the bass strings have nice deep tone. I can just set the amp and play. I can’t imagine getting a better sound, clear, balanced with very full rich sound. Can’t wait to do that gig in January. Thanks again!"
- Seattle area guitarist and singer
"[I'm] playing a Collings OM2H acoustic guitar fitted with a K&K Pure Mini pickup through the Tributary2 and it sounds beautiful, very smooth. So tell folks the TRIBUTARY2 amp [also] works well for acoustic guitar!"
Turn the TRIBUTARY2 nearly all the way up and and with typical modern humbucker pickups fitted to an archtop, the TRIBUTARY will remain clean and play with "enough" volume for most typical smaller-to-medium sized Jazz venues. Turn it completely all the way up and you may hear a drop of "hair" on the note or chord ... just like those classic recordings of the mid-late 1950s.

Then too, if you're a pedal user, you'll find the TRIBUTARY2 a willing partner in your sonic journey. Touch sensitive and expression embracing.

Otherwise, the SeQuel TRIBUTARY2 remains what it's always been: it's about honesty and a beautiful harmonic balance .... with an archtop guitar or any other electric guitar for that matter. Audiophile grade components selected by careful personal audition. Much like finding just the right spruce or maple for a luthier, those components have made a world of difference in The TRIBUTARY2.

Befitting the vintage sonic intent, we've housed the TRIBUTARY2 in a rich Mahogany-stained laminated birch cabinet marrying the visual partnership with a finely finished archtop. Strength/durability, beauty, ease of maintenance: a touch-up marker is all you need to erase a scratch. Why not tolex?  Well, would you use tolex on your guitar for the best sound?  Right.

The SeQuel TRIBUTARY Series 2 is a comprehensive package. It includes a high definition instrument cable [10 foot] and a custom cover. Shipping is also included within the Continental USA via FedEx Ground. 

The very special SeQuel TRIBUTARY2. Distributed exclusively by on a worldwide basis. Please contact us for more information. We really like this stuff...after all, we're musicians too!

For a sound sample of the parent TRIBUTE model, PLEASE VISIT OUR "SOUNDS" PAGE which you can find by clicking on the icon/symbol at the top right of the soundislandmusic navigation menu. The TRIBUTARY2 sounds similar but with a "mono" soundstage given its single speaker design.

Controls: Volume | Bass | Treble | Reverb
Power: about 28 watts RMS [clean]
Speaker: 12 inch Jensen or Celestion neodymium speaker
Size: 15.5 x 15.5 x 9.5 inches | 39.5 x 39.5 x 24.2 cm
Weight: ~ 33 lbs | 15 kilos

The TRIBUTARY Series 2 guitar amplifer by SeQuel Amplifiers[tm]. A respectful modern artistic re-interpretation...not a clone...of a small circa-late 1940s-early 1950s era amplifier originally meant as a basic amplification tool. What an amp should be.