Schertler TIM PA System

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Schertler TIM PA System

1 x 10" Active Sub with 600 watts @ 40 pounds | 18 kilos

2 x 6"  Passive Satellites @ 13 pounds each | 6 kilos

Includes 2 x PA poles and 18 foot | 6-meter speaker cables

Your choice of natural wood or painted anthracite finishes

Padded bags can be separately purchased for the system components, ensuring safe transportation and storage


The Schertler TIM is a 600W (350 +125+125) analog amplification system consisting of a compact active subwoofer and two passive satellites. Features an enhanced design and a mono/stereo switch for greater flexibility. The subwoofer is constructed using BJT technology, incorporating a linear power supply for excellent bass response and efficient stereo effect. Sub levels can be adjusted from -7dB to +2dB. Each satellite contains a passive crossover featuring a custom coil.

Easy to transport and set up in live performance situations, TIM is ideal for use with acoustic instruments and in jazz or DJ sets. The system also forms a highly efficient compact PA for use in small to medium sized venues such as piano bars, gyms, conference rooms or ballrooms. 

TIM & TOM are available in a choice of wood or anthracite finishes. The more delicate wood finish is perfect for studio or home use, blending with a range of room interiors. The anthracite finish is designed for performance and touring applications, where a more robust exterior finish is required.

2-poles and 6-meter Speakon cables are included.