Schertler LAFARO Deluxe Double Bass Amplifier [dedicated to Scott LaFaro]

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Combo Amplifier for Double Bass and Cello.

Schertler launches their double bass amp LaFaro, dedicated to one of the most progressive bassists in Jazz history: Scott LaFaro.

5 REASONS TO OWN a Schertler LaFaro amp:

  1.  hi-end sound quality

  2.  special design for double bassist

  3.  powerful enough for all situations

  4.  compatible with all the  microphones and transducers on the market

  5. unique features and flexibility

Double bass amplification gave the start to the Schertler company in the year 1986, coming out with the first non-piezo bass-pickup. Over the years, many products has been added to the line, received by the double bassist community as helpers, that changed the playing of this difficult to amplify instrument.

Years of research, long experience in building acoustic amplifiers and the decision to create the best amp that would be technically possible gave rise to this compromise-less completion of the double bass line.

Any source from pickups to mikes can be connected to the 2-channel Class-A preamp. 3 DI outputs, one for each channel and one in the master-section, an effect loop and many more features in high end studio quality, guarantee for a never seen professional versatility and quality, on stage as well as in a recording situations.

A traditional, transformer driven 280 Watts power amp moves a 8" woofer, specially created for this amp with record-breaking long linear extension to furnish strong, clear low frequencies and natural sounding mitts. A tweeter, powered with 80 Watts, takes care to smooth and uncompressed harmonics, what is so important for any stringed instrument, such as double bass.

The LaFaro also sounds great played with electric bass in rehearsals or recordings and obviously it is a fine amp for Cello, when a strong amplification with fundament is needed. Useless to mention the harmonic marriage with an acoustic bass guitar or with a similar instrument.

This new amp is neither a light weight nor a cheap purchase. Schertler simply believes that the LaFaro amp offers the most natural and musical amplification for the double bass especially when in a comprehensive system with with the Schertler bass STAT-B pickup and/or DYN-B contact dynamic microphone. The goal is to simply but emphatically to satisfy the Double Bass player. 

No more compromises.  


Preamp: Class-A [no integrated circuits]

Power: 280W Bi-amplified

Frequency Response: 30 Hz to 20 kHz (+/-3dB)

Speakers: 1” dome tweeter, 8” woofer

Construction: Plywood

Channels: 2 indipendent channels

Inputs: MIC/DYN, STAT LINE, Effect return

Outputs: Master section DI, LINE, AUX and DRY out on both channels for effect loop

Phantom Power: 48V on MIC channel, 10V on STAT channel

Effects: No built effects, effect loop for purpose

Weight: 19.1 kg (42.10lb)

Dimensions: 26x42x50cm (10.23x16.53x19.70 in)

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