Schertler DYN-UNI

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Schertler’s new DYN-UNI is a fully balanced, passive dynamic contact microphone that does not include an active preamp and therefore requires no phantom power. It features passive filtering technology and has a modified frequency response to guarantee a linear result.

The DYN-UNI has a new sleek, lightweight design and is supplied with Schertler’s own customized cable that has an extended length. The cable is both robust and torsion resistant, designed to withstand the rigours of daily use while delivering best possible performance results.

The DYN-UNI can be easily and safely applied to even the most valuable of instruments using special adhesive putty. It can also be quickly transferred between instruments during performances or recording sessions. 

Output impedance 380 ohm @ 1 KHz
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 18 kHz
Dynamic range 139 dB, 145 dB typical
Sensitivity (on instrument) ca. -38 dB
Sensitivity (theoretical) 8 mV/g
Mechanical decoupling Butterworth 2nd order, Q=6
Temperature range -20° C to +70° C
Contacts All hard gold plated 0.5 mm
Connection XLR balanced
Cable Length 4m