Schertler Basik PRO 48v

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Basik PRO
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Electrostatic contact microphone
with 48v phantom power adaptor
for all acoustic instruments
The Schertler BASIK electrostatic contact microphone will convey your instrument's body vibrations with high precision reproducing the natural acoustic sound.

BASIK can be used with almost every instrument with a resonating body. Examples include acoustic steel-string and classical guitar, cello, violin, double bass, mandolin, lute, percussion, banjo, cithara, kalimba, bouzouki, sitar, harp and many other ethnic instruments.

Simply apply the Schertler BASIK to your instrument with the neutral puddy supplied in the kit, plug into a quality acoustic amplifier or PA, and you're ready! Less fuss, more music.

The Schertler BASIK PRO package includes a phantom power adaptor. This allows the BASIK to function with any source that has nominal 48v phantom power. The adaptor also provides the appropriate 10v charge allowing the BASIK to develop its full sonic potential. NOTE: NEVER USE BASIK + 48v PHANTOM POWER WITHOUT THE ADAPTOR!

If you don't have equipment with phantom power, see the Schertler BASIK SET or the Schertler BASIK + STAT-Pre package.

Also see the Schertler DYN series contact microphone line. DYN-series transducers have more dynamic range and low-frequency response while BASIK has more high-end brilliance.

Frequency Response: 60Hz-15kHz
Power Requirements: 1.5-10 volts
Signal to Noise: 60dB
Output Impedance: 1000 ohm
Connection: 1/4" and 1/8" mono jack