Realist LifeLine Pickup for Acoustic Double Bass

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The Realist LifeLine™ by David Gage is an acoustic transducer for Acoustic Double Bass that reproduces a sonically balanced, focused bass sound while delivering the natural fidelity of the instrument. 

It's easily mounted on any adjustable bridge by the bassist. No luthier required!  You can chose to use one LifeLine for several of your basses. Or tour with the pickup to ensure a consistent sound.

"The new pickup is really amazing. I'm totally digging the sound on stage;
so much presence and no feedback problems at very loud volumes." 
---Tony Garnier

Please select the specific model for your instrument:

"SMALL MOUTH" : for adjuster posts up to 1/4" or 6,0mm [standard bridge]

"LARGE MOUTH" : for adjuster posts up to 3/8" or 9,5mm [Kolstein Deluxe and similar bridge designs]

We're fairly sure that David Gage has no intentional reference to fish with the same names as the pickup models! In any case, these are great pickups at a great price. We here at SOUNDISLANDMUSIC are pleased to offer these fine products to all our Double Bass friends around the globe.

The LifeLine pickup is a very good match with ACOUSTIC IMAGE amplifiers.