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Henriksen JazzAmp Bud
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Everybody should have a BUD! Nicknamed after the founder of Henriksen Amplifiers with a double meaning reflecting its size. At 9"x9"x9" and around 17 lbs [7.7 kilos] this amp is not only little, it's tiny! It's also amazingly flexible to accomodate a variety of instruments including Jazz, Acoustic, Electric guitars plus violin family bowed instruments, mandolin family fretted instruments, accordion, and banjo. Sorry, no trombones! ;-)

As Peter Henriksen framed the question: "Using our current architecture, how small is the smallest JazzAmp we could possibly build that sounds great and could still be considered "gigable?" Peter's response in his typical understated manner: "Quite small, apparently."

       "I must say it sounds fantastic, even better than I hoped for!"

          - SOUNDISLAND customer

This little amp is powered by the same 120-watt power section in the main JazzAmp product line so it will play "loud enough." A modified Henriksen EQ section ports over too through specifically tuned for the application. 

When you cut through all the marketing hype,  the bottom line is that this little guy just plain works. And it works for so many of our typical playing situations that it's almost a necessity. The EQ and extended range speaker system allow for tuning the amp to most any treble cleff instrument. The small speaker and cabinet are naturally feedback resistant which limits the need for artificial notch filtering and other suppression technologies that negatively effect your tone so it's easy to use.

And the two identical pre-amps, each with independent EQ and reverb plus 48 volt phantom power, auxiliary inputs on each channel make it fully functional for instruments and microphones so we can use it for rehearsals, small gigs, monitors...all those typical playing situations we face in our musical lives.

         Everyone should own a BUD. Or several! And all from SOUNDISLAND ;-)

Specification highlights:

Power: 120+ watts RMS @ 8-ohms

Size: 9" x 9" x 9" [23 x 23 x 23 cm]

Weight:  17 lbs [7.7 kilos]

Speaker: custom 6.5" Eminence Beta EX with coaxial tweeter by Morel

Channels: 2

EQ: individual 4-band per channel plus presence control

Input Jacks: dual function XLR [mic] and 1/4" [instrument]

48v phantom power on both channels

Auxiliary 1/8" input jacks: individual per channel [devices]

Line Out: XLR post EQ both channels summed to mono

Extension Speaker Out: 8-ohm

Headphone Jack 

115v/230v [internal plug requires some assembly. 115 volt amps require a 1.6A 250V slow blow fuse; 230 volt amps require a 1A 250V slow blow fuse].


So don't think about it too much and just buy one. As always, at SOUNDISLAND we are here to help you navigate the sometimes bewildering world of circuits and knobs. Contact us via phone at 206.293.9488 Pacific Time or via email using the form on the Contact Us page or simply just place your order here on our friendly webstore and we'll handle getting it to your doorstep.

And if you need "more" just add the matching extension cabinet. It's all good with The Bud.


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