Henriksen JazzAmp 112 Gen 3

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The Henriksen JazzAmp™ 112 is a 1x12 multi purpose combo that voices with that classic clear yet warm and slightly dark sound that is a staple in all manner of Jazz guitar music, from archtops to semi-hollow to solid body instruments. In many ways the Henriksen 112 is the modern day successor to the Polytone Mini-Brute™ of old but voices in a way that's more transparent to the instrument allowing the inherent sound of the guitar to get heard.

The all-analog circuitry of the JazzAmp 112 and efficient cabinet/speaker design translates into plenty of available volume for most any Jazz gig, producing a strong, well defined fundamental. With 120 watts RMS @ 8-ohms (160 watts RMS @ 4-ohms), the JazzAmp 112 powers distortion free SPL to 115dB ensuring clean headroom including those low-mids that are critical in hearing a sense of body in the notes. With the model 112, Henriksen packs all this into a compact cube shaped, reasonable weight, and quiet fan-free cabinet.

Henriksen's unique active 5-band EQ allows for significantly more precise control over your sound than the ubiquitous 3-band circuits of other designs. When at a gig or rehearsal, you can selectively find a frequency that's out of balance with the room or playing situation and cut or boost as appropriate.

For example, if you are in an overly live contrete-and-glass room, reducing the 100Hz and 10kHz can center and focus your sound so you're more comfortable in the environment. Conversely if you need to cut through an overly enthusiastic drummer's cymbals, boosting 3kHz slightly will give you that added measure. If you encounter feedback turning down the 300Hz control reduces the typical offending frequencies. Or if you get called for a rhythm guitar gig, boost the 10kHz and cut 300Hz controls. All with just the one guitar that you're used to playing.

Originally the JazzAmp 112 was developed for Double Bass eliciting input from Steve LaSpina, David Gage and other notables. Then guitarists started plugging in and found that in "real life" the Henriksen JazzAmp 112 also made for a great Jazz GUITAR amp. Today, most SOUNDISLANDMUSIC.COM clients use it for this purpose. In either application, the larger 12 inch speaker mounted in a deeper ported cabinet enclosure provides the 112 with a big bodied sound and warm highs.

Compared to the highly compact TEN model, the 112 has a fuller sound combined with softer attack. It will also play louder more comfortably.

The newest chassis design includes a 115v/230v switch ensuring nearly world-wide operation.


Size: 17" x 18" x 19"
Weight: 40 pounds
...120 watts RMS @ 8-ohms
...160 watts RMS @ 4-ohms
115/230v voltage selector switch
48v phantom powered XLR/1/4″ combo input
Bright switch
Effects: Reverb with true bypass
Speakers: Eminence® Beta-A 12 with ASD1001 tweeter [defeatable]
Line Out [balanced post-EQ and reverb]
Extension Speaker Jack [8 ohm]
Power: 115v/230v selector switch
TRS send/return FX loop
Headphone Out
Warranty: 2 years

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