AER dual mix-2

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dual mix-2
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The AER DUAL MIX is a 2-channel preamp/DI box for instrument, mic or line signals

Simple, efficient features just like a small mixing console. Functions as a stage preamp, headphone preamp, or as a solution for a channel extension.

  • two inputs, each for one microphone or instrument and line-level signal
  • separate active two-band EQ networks for each input
  • 24V-phantom-power [switchable on/off]
  • 4-preset multi-effects with two reverbs, chorus, flanger
  • stereo aux-in
  • DI-out and Line-out
  • stereo-headphone-preamplifier

Can be used as:

Channel extension:
Turn a Compact 60 into an amp with 4 channels

Stage preamp:
connect the AER sound direct to the house PA system

Headphone preamp:
rehearse, sing and play whatever you want...without disturbing your neighbors!

AER DUAL MIX User manual: