AER Compact XL

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Compact XL
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Combo amplifier
200 watts RMS with dynamic control
2-way speaker system
...dome tweeter
Two channels, 3 and 2 band EQ
4 digital effect presets
23.3 lbs [10.6 kg]


The AER Compact XL: the top of the Compacts. More of everything.

The AER Compact XL carries on the Compact tradition as a highly portable 2 channel acoustic amp. On steroids!

Measuring only about one cubic foot, the XL sports a muscular power section pushing a nominal 200 watts through a state-of-the-art 2-way speaker system with an 8" (200 mm) polypropaline cone cast frame neodymium magnet low-midrange plus a separate 1" (25 mm) dome tweeter.

All this results in a beautifully balanced acoustic instrument amplifier that does A LOT with only a few controls. Simple. Then too, you have more than enough power to handle most any acoustic playing situation.

If you're a fan of the AER Compact 60, you'll appreciate the Compact XL even more. The basic sound characteristic is still there just much more open and alive with a solid but not overbearing bass, detailed midrange and accurate upper frequency response that together spell "acoustic instrument" in a convincingly realistic way.

With the XL, you can focus on your music because the AER Compact XL will handle the rest. And weighing in at only about 24 Lbs, it's easy to carry around in the gig bag....gig bag.included in your purchase from SOUND ISLAND Music.

When you seek acoustic accuracy, plenty of headroom, ease of use, portability, and phantom power capabilities, the AER Compact XL is a serious musical partner. Highly recommended.

2 channel acoustic amp
200 watts RMS
2-way speaker system:
.....8" (200 mm) low-midrange
.....1" (25 mm) dome tweeter

channel 1:
6,3 mm jack input
3-band eq
9V phantom power

channel 2:
combi input (6,3 mm and XLR
2-band eq
48V phantom power at XLR

4 effects:
....1 short reverb (1.5 s)
....2 long reverb (7 s)
....3 short delay (240 ms)
....4 long delay (330 ms)
effect loop
headphone out
DI-Out with level control
tuner out
footswitch out
cd-in (cinch) with level control
ground lift switch
dimensions hwd:
....320 x 330 x 285 mm
....12.6" x 13" x 11.2"
....10,6 kg
....23.3 lbs

NOTE: Includes gig bag with your purchase from Sound Island.