AER Compact Classic Pro

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Compact Classic Pro
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Combo amplifier
for Classical guitar
60 watts RMS with dynamic control
8" [200 mm] twin cone speaker + tweeter
One channel, two inputs
3-band EQ with bass parametric
DIP switches for precise pickup matching
Presence control
32-bit digital effects
17.2 lbs [7.8 kg]


The AER Compact Classic Pro speaks the language of classical guitar (aka nylon-string guitar) and related acoustic instruments.

Based on the Compact 60, the AER Compact Classic Pro benefits from an improved 2-way full range speaker system with a separate tweeter, a more complex 3-band EQ with parametric bass control, and AER's 32-bit effects processor with carefully designed presets for classical instruments.

Also, because there are many pickup systems, the AER Compact Classic offers user selectable DIP pre-amp settings to properly match its response to that of the instrument's pickup. 6 DIP switches located on the back of the Compact Classic precisely match your guitar's pickup to the amp's electronics. A presence control by the DIP switches measures overall brightness,

Additionally, the AER Compact Classic has inputs for line, 9-volt phantom power for piezo pickups and 48-volt phantom power for condenser microphones.

These features combine to more easily reflect the finer tonal texture of a classical instrument throughout the full audio band, enhance the low frequency response without increasing feedback risk and create a beautiful ambience that supports the tone.

Even though it weighs less than 19 Lbs, the Compact Classic easily handles the amplification requirements in a small ensemble and yet packs up in its custom made shoulder bag.

Output: 60 watts @ 4-ohms
Speaker: 8" twin-cone plus 1" tweeter
Phantom power: 48v or 9v
Power consumption: AC115/230 (switchable)
...H: 10.24"
...W: 13.00"
...D: 9.25"
Weight: 17 Lbs.