AER Amp Three

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Amp Three
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Combo amplifier
for all Bass instruments
200 watts RMS with dynamic control
2 x 8" neodymium magnet speakers
One Channel
Compresor with ratio and threshold
35 lbs [16 kg]

The AER Amp Three with its 2x8-inch speaker configuration is the follow-up variation to the original AER Amp One with its 1x10 speaker.

Musicians who play Acoustic Double Bass, Electric Bass, or any manner of keyboards will find that the Amp Three is highly articulate and clean at all frequencies of their instrument. In comparison, the AER Amp One sounds somewhat rounder and warmer at the same settings.

With either AER amplifier, you can be assured of a superb small yet powerful amp solution with lots of detail and sonic flexibility. A truly professional compact amplifier.

single channel bass combo
200 watts, dynamic control
2 x 8 heavy-duty bass-speakers
...adjustable ratio and threshold
13,50 kg (29.50 lbs)

Inputs input 6.3 mm (1/4} inch jack
...high impedance line input stage
...with pad (high/low} attenution

Tone Controls
equalizer three band EQ
...parametric mids
colour ?mid-cut-treble-boost?-filter
bass boost +10 dB / 55 Hz
tone balance control
...enables the bass- or treble emphasis
...or a combination of both
effect compressor
...adjustable ratio and threshold

...200 W / 8 ohms, dynamic control
analog signal subsonic filter, low distortion
processing RMS limiter

Speaker System
2 x 8-inch heavy-duty speakers

ground lift
headphone outputs
line out
sub out
footswitch (muting and effect loop)
effects send and return,
insert pre/post EQ
aux in
adjustable DI-out

padded gigbag

cabinet 18 mm (0.70-inch)
Finnish birch plywood
finish waterbased acrylic spatter finish
...366 mm x 416 mm x 315 mm
...14,41" x 16,38" x 12,40" HxWxD
weight 16 kg (34,97 lbs)