Acoustic Image CODA S4plus 611 AA

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AI CODA 611 AA plus
611 AA plus
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for all classical instruments
2 Channel Combo with effects
...Instrument and microphone inputs
...48v on XLR
10" woofer [downward firing]
5" mid-high frequency driver
600 watts @ 4-ohms
4-band EQ
Removable Head
Customizable filters
Frequency response: 40Hz-16kHz
Weight: 20 lbs | 9 kilos
Size:15"W x 12"H x 13"D
Worldwide Voltage Operation

The Acoustic Image CODA S4plus 2-channel is a state-of-the-art highly compact combo amplifier with superb audio representation of all acoustic instruments. Its broad musical response and high headroom design accurately captures the family of stringed instruments, piano/keyboards/accordion, and voice. Simply a great musical partner due to its sonic transparency and the unique way in which it disperses the soundstage.

In this newest version of the little combo amp that started a revolution of sorts, Acoustic Image has improved fidelity and increased headroom while lowering self-noise, separated the 1/4" instrument and XLR inputs on each of the channels for a total of 4 inputs which can be used together, expanded the EQ section to 4-bands for finer sound control in various rooms, and opened the internal architecture allowing the owner to semi-customize certain parameters [speaker emulation for DI in lieu of phase reversal switch, stereo or mono preamp output, 6dB front end gain cut]. 

And the CODA S4plus features the Acoustic Image Cabrio Docking System which allows for easy removal of the head for recording or powering another cab...and re-insertion into the combo afterwards. Acoustic Image calls it "separation without anxiety" but we like to think of this mechanism as simply and example of AI's pragmantic imagination.

Acoustic Image has also improved effects programming, included worldwide voltage switching, and added illumination to those little buttons. Here at SOUNDISLAND, we really like this little champ of an amp.

Outstanding. Well deserved standing ovation, Acoustic Image! 


Essential specs:
Three-Way Sealed Speaker System:
10 inch Downfiring Woofer
...polypropylene cone
5 inch Mid-High range Driver

Crossover @ 800Hz
Frequency response: 40Hz-16kHz
Output: 600 Watt Switch Mode Power Amplifier
Weight: 20 lbs
Size:15"W x 12"H x 13"D
Switchable Voltage Operation

Molded Polymer Enclosure for neutral sound
4-Band EQ Preamp Section Per Channel
Limiter Switch
Combo Jack Inputs (Either 1/4 in or XLR)
Phantom Power on XLR Inputs (48v | 10 mA)
Input and Master Level Controls
Effects Loop with Return Level Control Per Channel
Digital Effects and Level Control
Switchable Low Cut Filter per Channel
Balanced Direct Out with Ground Lift Mute Switch
....choice of Phase Reversal or speaker simulation
....Pre/Post EQ for Direct Out switch

Stereo capable with external power amp
600 Watt Mono output

The Acoustic Image CODA S4 from SOUND ISLAND Music includes a fitted slip cover with cord storage pocket and shoulder strap