Acoustic Image CLARUS S4plus 601 IA

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Clarus 2 S4 601 IA plus
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This amp is not currently in stock.  There are no current details when more amps will be available from Acoustic Image.  Rest in Peace Dr. Rick Jones.

Series 4plus
Integrated Amp Head
two channels 
...each with dual inputs
...mic or instrument
4-band EQ controls
...lo and hi Mid pots
20Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.5 db
signal-to-noise >110 db @ DI
...10 dB more headroom than S4
300 watts RMS @ 8-ohms
600 watts RMS @ 4-ohms
effects [rev, delay, rev|delay]
5 lbs; 2.3 kilos

The Acoustic Image Clarus 2 S4 [series 4] PLUS Integrated Amp. The latest version of the little head that started a new trend in amplification. It just keeps getting better.

In a nutshell: Acoustic Image redesigned the front end preamp section making the little amp head more responsive to a musician's needs on the gig. And the back end power section is even cleaner and quieter. Amazing.

The Clarus S4plus retains two independent channels which accept either instrument or mic inputs [onboard 48v phantom for condenser mics]. The EQ section adds a two band Midrange section for more precise control and flexibility over this critical frequency range making the little head even more adaptable to most any musical instrument.

For those who enjoy the specs-and-nothing-but-the-specs:

>Separately buffered XLR and 1/4-inch input jacks
>48v Phantom Power for XLR inputs [switchable on/off]
>10dB gain boost for low output mics
>4-band EQ section:

......Bass: 50Hz +12dB, shelving type
......Low-Mid: 250Hz +12dB
......Hi-Mid: 1200Hz +12dB
......Treble: 8Kz +12dB, shelving type

>User selectable individual channel features by switching jumper cable inside chassis:
......6dB front end gain cut
......Speaker emulation with Phase Reverse control
......Stereo or Mono preamp output
>Selectable and sweepable low cut filter
......150Hz and below
>Effects loop with Send and Return
......Send also usable as tuner output
......Return also usable as Aux input
>Selectable effects [new program]
......Reverb with variable decay time
......Delay with variable decay time
......Reverb|Delay with variable decay time
>Illuminated selector switches
>DI with Pre or Post selector
......10 dB pad switch
......ground lift switch
>Headphone output
>Limiter [switchable]
>Simulated stereo effects
......requires powered cabinets
>Weight under 5 lbs | 2.3 kilos

And for those others who just want the basic message: The Acoustic Image Clarus2 S4plus offers high fidelity performance for all instruments.

But the real story is about SOUND. Acoustic Image has improved fidelity in the S4plus series with more headroom and dropping the self-noise floor to nearly imperceptible.  This makes a noticeable difference and the sound is transparent even at very high SPLs.

Solid state amplification just doesn't get any better than this.

A padded shoulder bag and speakon-to-1/4" cable is included with your purchase from Sound Island.


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  • 5
    Buying an amp for my double bass

    Posted by John Cook on 22nd Sep 2022

    Your service was excellent. I was nervous as I am UK based. But replied to my emails at once and it arrived fine. Minor point is about UPS not you: they came 20th Sept with amp and so I stayed in, but they wanted a cheque or cash for import duty, they don't do cards or ask in advance like other couriers. So he took it away, I paid over phone and they re-delivered next day. Funny system. Anyway, I tried the amp out in a workshop last night and am very happy, Thanks John

  • 5
    Acoustic Image Clarus 2 S4 Plus

    Posted by Kevin on 21st Jun 2022

    Fantastic two-channel amp head. All the features for the pro musician, and crystal clear tone.

  • 5
    AI Clarus

    Posted by todji on 10th Feb 2022

    When I brought my main amp to be serviced I spent some practicing my archtop through my Roland AC-33 and remembered how great it sounded, but at 30 watts there's no way it could be used for anything but the smallest of coffee house gigs. I purchased the AI Clarus and Doubleshot speaker cabinet in the hopes of getting a similar sound but loud enough to gig with. I got exactly what I wanted- a really quiet amp that lets the acoustic nature of my archtop and acoustic/electrict nylon string guitars shine through. The sound is really well balanced across frequencies and I have a top notch rig that weighs <20lbs, fits in a backpack, and is more than loud enough to meet my needs.

    I can't wait for this dang Covid thing to be over so I can I start using it live!

  • 5
    Clarus Series 4

    Posted by Matthew Kanis on 9th Apr 2021

    Absolute Monster! Huge, round, warm, clean sound. The onboard effects are spectacular. Seller is wonderful and highly recommended.

  • 5
    Clarus S4 plus with Raezer's Edge acoustic 10 combo

    Posted by Ghislain Boivin on 3rd Oct 2017

    Hello Michael,

    I want to give you a return [feedback] on my experience with the [Raezer ACOUSTIC 10 and Acoustic Image CLARUS] combo this weekend.

    First thing to say is that it is way over my expectations and they were high.

    I played the amp almost all weekend long with my 2 archtops, my classical and my flattop guitar.

    The first word that comes to me is Richness.

    It is full and rich, you almost forget that the guitar is amplified an you feel the instrument.

    The combo size is perfect not too big and not too heavy.

    It is a flexible compact solution with tons of colors and power.

    Exactly what I was looking for.

    On more time you made the difference with your precious advises and I want to thank you sincerely.



  • 4
    Very nice sound

    Posted by LEBRETON on 8th Feb 2015

    I really like it for his purity of sound , bought it for a violin ,but also on my electric guitar , it is amazing how clean it is .
    I love also the 2 channesl , as I can use two differents source pickup ..and blend as I want